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  1. hi. guys what are the main differences amoung these two versions es8 and es5 other than 1.6 litre engine? what do u call facelift. which one has more fuel efficiency? does this es5 comes with a sun roof? please help
  2. what are the things that i should consider when i buy a fb15?
  3. ShehanZe


    can the nissan fb 15 old shell convert to new shell model. how much will it cost?
  4. thank you for being so helpfull. appreciate it
  5. yup I am on all these and also honda civic. a bit lost in my way though
  6. N16 how is the fuel? in traffic with A/C on? and any failures?
  7. Fuel is not much of a problem but i thought of going to a japanease
  8. Hi, guys this is my first post and I need a big fav, Im gonna by my first car and I thought of buying a Japanese one instead of a indian rubbish. I my self know nothing about vehicles. I ride over 50KM per day in heavy traffic and low traffic (it differs) however it is inside the city. So I am willing to buy a Nissan FB15 or a N16. my heart says to buy a N16 coz of the looks and brain says a FB15. please help
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