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  1. Ooh I should try that. Many thanks for the reply. Btw if you know any good technician or a place where I can get this cleaned please do let me know.
  2. Many thanks for your replies. Checked with Stafford and they said the issue is with the Push Start button which needs to be replaced. It would cost ard 39k for the part and 1k for labor.
  3. I specifically cant figure out a situation where It starts to indicate, but it doesn't happen all the time. Usually I use to keep the mobile phone beneath the Shift Lever. One option what I should try is to move it away and check. Even I tried with my spare key, but still the same. Let me know if you could recommend a place for me to do a system scan please. - Thx
  4. Yes smart key battery was replaced. Anyways its a different message that is prompted for the smart-key battery replacement warning.
  5. Hi, I get the "Honda Smart Key System Check" warning message in my Honda Vezel (2014). This message appears frequently but not always. Any idea what its all about? Also looking for recommendations to whom should I consult for this issue apart from Dealer. Thanks
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