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  1. Thanks @Devinda_Z My perception towards the Keis drastically changed within the few months of ownership. IMO the keis have transformed a lot in past few years and bring smiles per gallon for the owners.??
  2. Well well @Devinda_Z Honestly it was a kind of relief, ?? Replaced it with a Honda N Wgn custom turbo 2018. Tiny and nimble, not comfortable like the sedans I have driven. But drove once to Hunas falls and then to Situl pawwa via kataragama so far. Surprisingly handled the hard roads well even-though it’s a kei.? -Casanova
  3. Hi @Dhanushka Raj Fixed the steering issue, there were few electrical components have gone bad in the EPS circuit. Fixed by Nishantha in Attidiya. Worked perfect after. By the way i’m no longer the owner of the tiida. -Casanova
  4. Hi Guys, So did a full inspection on the car at A*W. Apart from that another inspection seperately to diagnose the Power Steering Issue. And found out that the steering rack has been repaired about couple of times (not a proper repair) and it has been modified and crushed to fit. The Agent is saying that without replacing the steering rack, diagnosing the rest of the electrical mechanism including motor is pointless. The best part is as per them bring down a steering rack will cost 200,000 LKR, and they need at least 2 months to import. ?? Your help is much appiciated for me to go ahead with either of below options. 1. Is there a trustworthy place that I can buy a recondition rack and maybe hand it over to the agent to replace? 2. is there any trustworthy specialists for electric power steering repair that I can get the whole system fixed? Thanks & Regards. Casanova.
  5. Hi da_semicolon, I’ve been using the car only for 3 months and did nearly 5000 kms. Car is roomy has decent amount of leg room and head room. I’m impressed with the interior except few rattles from the dash in bumpy roads. My car is almost stock so has the original CD player, so no aux in, blue tooth. Climate control AC works very good. Acceleration is not that great. But the car feels quite and balanced at 110 kmh at the highway with four people. Other than that im still dealing with above steering issue. Thanks & Regards. Casanova.
  6. Thanks again Hyaenidae, so I will contact the agent again an book an appoinement and do a proper diagnostic on the EPS ECU as you and davy mentioned and update if there is any development. Really Appreciate the help given.
  7. Hi Again, After failing, trying to get an appointment for an inspection for couple of days from A*W, thanks for their not reachable hotline, I went to my trustworthy mechanic and did a diagnostic of the car and no errors were shown in EPS. So im down to one again, since while I'm driving back home the same wired steering getting stiff happened. (The EPS warning light doesn't blink when this happens.) Any tiida users here who has gone through the same problem? Drives me nuts and I'm thinking of getting rid of the tiida already. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks & Regards. Casanova.
  8. Dear Experts, I purchased a 2008 nissan tiida few months back, 2nd owner car with all the records and the vehicle user manual. This is a CVT model. I've been experiencing a strange power steering malfunction ever since. (This has Electric Power Steering). As soon as I purchased the car I did all the required suspension repairs from my mechanic as well. Now coming to the issue, When I start driving the power steering works fine and the steering feels light. (But it is anyway kind of stiff in the middle position which I did not experience driving other cars with EPS, such as Honda Fit,) But after driving for about half an hour the steering gets stiff and does not return after a turn at all which kind of really annoying and I have to straight the steering by force. When the journey is done and the car is stopped, (means if I drive it again after maybe an hour, not right away) the steering starts to feel light again and steering return functions is also better. And again the same thing happens after sometime. Any expertise advise on this issue from veterans and tiida users? I chose tiida for better cabin room than others in it's class, if this is an unsolvable issue should I look for an alternative car? Thanks. Casanova.
  9. Dear Experts, Apologies for starting a thread on a nearly decade older car, but since this car is uncommon in SL, would like to get experts or user perspective on this one. Would like to know whether buying one will be stepping in to trouble because it is so rare. This car has comparatively low price tag with rivals of that era. But I got to know it shares the suzuki swift chassis. I'm not worried about the fuel economy. Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Thank you have a good day.
  10. Thank you crosswind for your advice. Posting after few months. So finally decided to buy the manual after giving up the auto, with a better deal after negotiating a lot, considering the condition of it. Here it is. So after using it for few months I've noticed that once the steering is turned to some extend it doesn't return back at all. It kind of stays like that if I'm not forcefully turning it to the center again. It returns quite okay for some extend but after that certain radius it doesn't return. I checked this issue with my regular mechanic and he also cannot find what is the issue. And the steering doesn't feel stiff up until turned to above radius, but very hard after that. Checked the alignment as well but no luck. My mechanic said the steering rack, and the power steering pump functions well. He says it can be an issue with the camber or caster adjustment, but can't find what is the exact issue. It is very annoying after a turn. Anyone has any experience of a same kind of issue? Any starlet owners? Any starlet specialists where I get the car checked? Please do advice. Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Thank you Stig for your response, if that so maybe better to step out from it I think. The dealer maybe trying to trick me. I noticed that in the reverse it moves without a trouble but not in drive. I will keep searching and if their are anymore suggestions from you guys I would really appreciate. Came up with couple of Tucsons as well, 2004 - 2L Petrol (Auto) : 2,350,000 2005 - 2L Petrol (Auto) : 2,550,000 Do you think these price are reasonable? And if there are any common issues of above mentioned models I would like to know from people who has experience using these vehicles. Thank you everyone for your advice and replies.
  12. Thanks lot GayanR and Crosswind for your responses. By the way Nissan Xtrail is quite expensive than the price range I'm willing to spend, otherwise I think it's a really good vehicle according to the past threads. While searching for SUVs for couple of days I found a KIA Sportage 2005 petrol automatic on a sale. Exterior and interior in good nick. One issue though, I don't wether it is normal or not I'm not an expert. I started and put into drive gear, hand break released. And once the break paddle is released the car doesn't move up until I give some gas on it. Is it normal? The dealer told it is because it's a 2L heavy vehicle. This doesn't happen on our FB15. Please advice me on this. Thank you.
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