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  1. Thank you for your input, went through a few threads on picanto but didn’t come across many on repairs etc, Regarding the other brands which you have mentioned, is it possible to get a fairly recent model 2010 upwards for that budget? I did a rough search and the cars that came up are picanto, viva elite mainly.
  2. I am thinking of buying a used Kia Picanto YOM 2012 or upwards as a second car for family city running purpose. My budget is around 2 - 2.2 million and my monthly mileage is between 800 km - 1000 km. Hope i can get some advise on following concerns. 1. Reliability - Most of these cars have done more than 75k and 2nd user vehicles. I am planning to use it for at least 5 years. Any major repairs that may occur during this period apart from regular running costs. 2. Kia agent comments - Most reviews say that the Sri Lankan agent is good and easy to work with. Any comments from Kia use
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