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  1. Thank you very much this very useful, will pass it on to my friend
  2. Thank you very much, when you say engine issues is it because of bad maintenance or a fault of the engine design it self. 60k is a very low mileage for an engine to go out. Will check the fb group as well.
  3. Hi friends, A friend is interested in buying the above car as a second vehicle. It is a 308 s model and YOM is 2010. Anything specific that he should look out for when inspecting the car. Also kindly share any Pros and Cons of the vehicle and the agent in Sri Lanka. Any other alternative suggestions are also welcome. Main Requirements 1. Hatchback 2. 1300cc engine or above 3. Good ride comfort 4. YOM 2000 or newer is preferred. Inspected a few Mazda Demios for sale but most were abused with little or no maintenance history.
  4. If a Sedan is acceptable , Mazda 6 YOM 2015 upwards is an option within your budget. Most were imported by permit holders and maintained at agents, there is a good chance of finding a honest vehicle.
  5. Dear Experts, I am using a Kia Picanto 2016 model and i need to replace the tires. The agent informed me to use only a Korean tire brand. ( Kumho, Nexen, Hankook) During the last wheel alignment ( not at agent ) a mechanic also informed it is better to use Korean brand tire as other brands can result in suspension issues. Currently it is difficult to find Korean brands in the market due to import restrictions. What will be the suspension issues i may encounter if i use another tire brand ? Or is it just the agent promoting Korean brands? Any advise from Picanto or other Korean vehicle users will be highly appreciated. When i checked at a few places, brand such as Federal, CE#T and Maxiss are available. Are these ok to be used as a replacement for Korean brands ?
  6. Thank you for your input, went through a few threads on picanto but didn’t come across many on repairs etc, Regarding the other brands which you have mentioned, is it possible to get a fairly recent model 2010 upwards for that budget? I did a rough search and the cars that came up are picanto, viva elite mainly.
  7. I am thinking of buying a used Kia Picanto YOM 2012 or upwards as a second car for family city running purpose. My budget is around 2 - 2.2 million and my monthly mileage is between 800 km - 1000 km. Hope i can get some advise on following concerns. 1. Reliability - Most of these cars have done more than 75k and 2nd user vehicles. I am planning to use it for at least 5 years. Any major repairs that may occur during this period apart from regular running costs. 2. Kia agent comments - Most reviews say that the Sri Lankan agent is good and easy to work with. Any comments from Kia users? Especially for major repairs etc 3. Any other better alternative options which i should consider? Main factor is ease of maintenance and also affordability and availability of spare parts. Fuel wont be a major factor as monthly mileage is quite low.
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