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  1. Latest update just after one year: Last week, his car again got engine malfunction errors (same as before) + parking brake locked. Millage is 42,000+ km. Finally he had to replace the malfunctioning injector (TL price Rs. 65,000 including 10% discount).
  2. Just get Torque app which is easy to use. Otherwise there are lots of apps.
  3. This is true. But if your below statement also true, Then, you should definitely replace your brake oil ASAP. Trust me, you will see the difference in brake feel after replacing the oil. No one can judge the quality of brake oil with the naked eye (or even the small gadget like a pen also couldn't do it)
  4. Seems, common failure of the Brake booster pump (so called ABS issue). Since this is a common case for Axio, Aqua, there are lots of places doing repairs and used parts also readily available. Anyway, replace brake oil first and see what's happening (because it will not cost you more than Rs. 5,000). Sometimes you may observe some improvement after replacing brake oil.
  5. This is the Instruction Manual of Passo (Feb 2010 onward) which recommends) 0W20 as best fuel efficiency and 5W30 also could be used.
  6. YOM? Which is the recommended grade? 5W30 or 0W20? Anyway, no problem if its cost effective.
  7. 99% of the time, the problem could be the 12V battery. Several indicator lights are obvious with a weak battery. The drain line is a necessary safety feature as the battery is located in the cabin. Therefore, do not replace one with no drain line. So, better to adhere with same YUASA one. Don't go for cheap options. Didn't you try to jump start the car?
  8. For lower maintenance costs, you have to buy a little new car. non-hybrid, bit new, sedan, below 4M. 🤔 Even an Axio Hybrids going above 4M these days. Isn't it.
  9. It's with my friend. I will ask and let you know.
  10. Where do you live? Are you using the car mainly in city limits? If so, Option 1: Enter to one of expressway and drive at 100 km/h for around 20 -30 min. You can even put to low gear other than D and run high rev (do not go beyond 3500 rpm) for 2 -3 minutes. Option 2: You could try with an injector cleaner (95% placebo effect)😃
  11. Those injectors are very sensitive/fine-tuned so do not let any makabaas to touch it. It is better not to remove them from the engine for any reason other than a repair. 200% sure that you will get nothing doing a so called tune-up at this millage.
  12. Quote: According to the Daily Mirror, President of the Association S. A. Nishantha Meegalla said the Embassy of Japan has been provided with details of the purchased vehicles. ----- Meegalla said permission is being sought to import these vehicles to cover up the losses as all the vehicles which were purchased and manufactured according to the local customer requirements cannot be sold to other countries. unquote: Isn't this customized cars are also JDM's? Those will not sell to SL legally by Japanese car makers and will come as used cars. They are legally customized for Japanese users and not for Sri Lankan users (although the real case is different) Does the embassy support for this kind of underhand games?
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