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  1. I do have a Suzuki X90 which is one of Clarkson's most ugliest vehicle and only few surviving at the moment. S13's and S14's already off the budget and as you said it is near impossible to find unmodified car.
  2. Yes mate, same model, G201 chassis I have only got the photo's now ? On the 2nd photo we were changing the engine mounts (They had a common issue of failing the front engine mount)
  3. Plenty BZ-G Levin's with black tops, BZ touring Corolla wagons I have had a Alex Z and a RUNX Z with 2ZZ coupled with 6 speed and again they are not hard to find NX coupe, really?? Noway of finding a AZ1 and prince for Toyota Sera already gone over 10k I do have a Colt Ralliart but it's a Plus. lol Cultus Turbo's also very hard to find. I use to own a Daihatsu Detomaso and now they are very hard come by. regards, JC
  4. I found a E30 same as your's on the phone, i mean it is the same car but with chrome bumper model, done 270k and need a bottom end replacement as it's noisy. owner asking 5k let's see. :-) regards, JC
  5. Last owner (Lady owner) replaced the factory Bilstein's with KYB due to the cost but let's see how things get unfold.
  6. Yes you are correct, i am in NZ. Colin was the winner, unable to access any stock 555 Subi anywhere below 20k
  7. Below link would tell you https://www.mx5international.com/ressources/ssp/R2_Limited-56
  8. CRX Wheels set is a aftermarket Advanti but let's see after all the fixes may be a SA15. MX-5 I have attached a VIN card below and the link should explain much more (but in Japanese) https://www.mx5international.com/ressources/ssp/R2_Limited-56 regards JC
  9. Good point!! It is about the "low volume" vehicle still accessible to the public with less money so Skyline GTR's won't qualify to "my" selection as the price already over $40k but for sure they are classics that everyone appreciate. regards, JC
  10. Hope all of you doing good after lockdown!! After the pandemic, few cars start coming out of some of storage and collections so thought of spending/ investing money not a lot but about $10k. I was looking for a few “future classics” and I have drafted the below list during the lockdown. The list I have made as below, Corolla FX GT/ GT- I 16 (AE92) (Missed a GT-I 16 during the lockdown ?) AE92 Levin – Mazda MX5 – NA specifically YOM 1990 Mazda Familia GTX Nissan Pulsar GTIR Celica SS-III 206 GTI 180 - Not JDM lol CK4 Lancer MR I have managed to score a bonus this weekend, I went to check MX5 and found Del Sol so I bought both for a good deal. Mazda MX-5 R2 Limited, only 500 were made. Honda CRX SIR – 97 NZ New B16A2 I have paid top $ for MX-5 since it is a special edition, so owner aware about that but I got a real bargain for the CRX. Works needed: MX-5 – Roof need to replace, cam lifers noisy, valve rubbers need to replace since it had done about 220,000KM CRX – Need to respray, F/R shock need replace, F/R lower arm bush need replace, F/L CV boots need replace, Cambelt kit needs to replace. Have a look at my above list and tell me what is your idea about the list, have a look at the cars and tell me what you think. P.S. MX-5 in transit will add more photos once soon
  11. Nice to see this in good hands. This was listed on another website about year and half back. We missed this! I am sure you picked this from Ragama area, my father made an appointment with the owner and before the appointment owner gave the car to someone else. So that someone is you!! We were trying to buy this for our agricultural land but anyway we missed it, good on you mate. regards, JC
  12. I don't think much around??? about 15 years back i have seen a Corolla Ceres with Silver Top engine unsure where are they now. regards, JC
  13. I am not sure how this has done in SL and what equipment they used. I had to replace the cluster on my 2006 TDI Jetta took only less than 5 min to get the ODO to the correct value, done via the OBD port. one of the Toyota digital cluster wasn't that straight, I have to take the cluster out for them and they solder 3 wires into a box which then connected to the laptop via com port, took them about 20 - 30 min. What I have heard from the auto repair shop any euro digital meter post 2000 takes less than 5 min to change. regards, JC
  14. When you said not an easy process, you mean it is not easy in SL or not easy doing on the actual car?
  15. I have got a corolla fielder as one of my fleet car and a Jap import, if you look at the information panel below the RPM meter you will see something message pop up with the door icon next to it, since mine is a NZ new it's in indicates in english "Door open" as mentioned by ShintaroX This is not something you take the car to diagnose, use the google translator, that should have explain a lot. regards, JC
  16. This is one of the most reliable engine Toyota produced!!! What is the reaction from Starter motor when you try start the engine? Is the technician try turn the crank pulley using a socket and a handle after removing all the belts from the crank? If i am not mistaken 5A-FE crank pulley drives 1 belt to AC, alternator and water pump and water pump drives the power steering so check all of the other pulley's turn freely???? Have you try tapping the starter motor? Has any of you try crank the engine without belt? regards, JC
  17. Video on fb about a K number Defender fishtails at high speeds looks like N*l*nda parade.
  18. Sl is famous for interchanging the body parts and rename (IE: Starlet 2 doors to Glanza V's, Lancer's to Evo's ect) so worth checking if it's an original Detto with G201S chassis number and it might be real.
  19. The sorry mate took a bit longer to find them from my FB profile. Police impounded the car because it was too loud in the night and I was working in the night back in the day. Once they have released the car i have to change the hands rather change the silencer which I should have done. At my place: Changing the front engine mount (Common issue to be crack under 50k) We have had a hail during winter so my 1st hail experience It is still around so i might hunt Didn't know it was the 2140th car
  20. Unsure if it's age or paint clear coat used at the time or maybe the weather in NZ but all the cars around pre-2000 suffered from clear coat peeling issue here in NZ. Nice BZ-G with Blacktop (i may have said that 6 years back too) here I am again.
  21. Rolex Day-Date 41 Platinum, that's one of the expensive watch.
  22. End of the battle between Ford and Holden Unsure what the police going to drive as the fleet, currently they showing off with Holden's, hope they get Prius as a replacement. Surely we will miss the commodore SS with LS3's regards, JC
  23. We still find the genuine Sri Lankan's!! When my dad bought his 2005 LN166R off the 1st owner it had done just over 300k on the clock (about 5 years back). The owner was one of the leading car parts dealer at panchikawatta and he had all the opportunities to change the speedo but he hasn't done that + he kept all the Toyota service records up to date.
  24. SEAT is the other manufacturer same as SKODA share the same running gears from VW's, in terms of the price SEAT's sits lower than Skoda
  25. Any chance to lockdown a Daihatsu Charade? I haven't seen anyone mentioned about it but they not bad since you are not considering the look. I have done a quick scan and they are well within your price bracket. I have had a G200 Detomaso back in 2010, was a mean car and still looking for a decent one ? If you Luckey you can lock down a G100, have a think about it. good luck!! JC.
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