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  1. Thanks kush for your feedback.
  2. Hello friends, I recently bought a Honda CR-V 2018 model from Japan (Ex-Masterpiece). Regarding the Honda Gathers Internavi it has few issues. 1. The main menu or audio menu is not functioning. But by the steering multifunction can change the audio source. When I digged into it, found out that the map sd card is missing. I thought the importer given one sd card it will be fine. But it is only for the music rack and the map card slot was hiddden inside a cover. No solution was provided by petc* lan*a as well. The gathers set model is VRU-195CVi. The importer is telling the map card must be bought seperately from the dealer as it is not a factory option blah blah.. 2. My question is the japan map is not important to me. It has apple car play where gmaps can be connected. But why the menu doesn’t function..? Thank you
  3. You are comparing two different vehicle segments. While honda civic 1000cc turbo is a subcompact car, the vezel is a crossover (entry level) SUV. Both engine sizes are different and one is hybrid while the other is a turbocharged 3 cylinder. Mind you, that the ground clearance is quite low in that civic compared to civics such as EK, ES series. Even though the 1000cc turbo gives you around 130ps, it will have some turbo lag. Therefore you cant compare it with a 1500cc non-turbo civic. When I once test drive that civic, it was poor in inital acceleration compared to my EK3 Civic.
  4. I would say google like this for toyota - “toyota.jp premio” for honda - “honda.co.jp vezel” then get it translated by google. If you do not mention the japanese website, you will only get the international/US version of cars and there wont be any premio/allion. https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ja&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=https://toyota.jp/premio/&xid=17259,1500002,15700023,15700124,15700126,15700149,15700168,15700173,15700186,15700201&usg=ALkJrhj_0KPobS5g-komCmaK6-tD2EE8fQ
  5. Thanks zeristo & peugeot407.. ok now I got the whole reason behind it. When the the car is parked and the owner is not available, it would show the road-legality of the car. Thanks
  6. Dear friends, i have a small clarification to make. Once I was warned by a traffic policeman if I don’t have the copy of car Rev. License pasted in my front windshield, he will be issuing a spot fine. How is that possible? Can any friends knowing the legal background tell me how it will be an offence since the original was avilable with me inside the car? is there any provision in Motor traffic act saying a copy of rev. license at the front is more important than the original inside the car..! What if I have only the copy pasted buy no original with me at the moment..? thanks
  7. I think you can register any motorbike less than 400cc now- if the YOM is not ab issue. But a hornet will cost you more than 1.2mn Rs
  8. Yes rumesh, What I said regarding the Faraday cage is incorrect. (It doesnt happen due to the rubber insulation as I thought earlier)
  9. Guys, What if there was a heavy rain, and the tires were wet. Contaminated water can conduct electricity.. And the story of the Faraday cage is no longer there.. Just my thought. But just to tell you guys, actually in engineering theory - the last few kms of lightning strike is going from the ground to the sky.. and not vice versa which I learned in the university
  10. What if there is a tiny leak or hole in the muffler? It might cause that sound as well. Just a thought though...
  11. Hi dushan, You has two leaks earlier. But are u sure this time also is it a leak? Did they measure the refrigerant pressure this time too? In my 2000 cuvic too i had an AC issue. Can u verify this time whether when u press the AC engage switch, u can feel compressor engaging? Because there was a AC hi/lo pressure switch in the AC filter in my car. But i thought my compressor or pressure switch gone. But finally there was a loose connection in that pressure switch which will cut the power supply to the comprssor clutch relay coil. In this case too- you will get dry air blown only. Just one possibility. If this is not, then a failure is happening when the system gets hot -> means clearance in metal pipes will occur. Check whether r they using o-rings wherever essential in such as conpressor connections.
  12. Still the OP didnt reply to this thread with the car model & year and is it auto gear or manual. If he can identify the compressor clutch relay, he can remove that and try to turn on the A/C. Sometimes the condensor fan motor may have a short too. It is very rare an auto gear car will stall in this situation. Still we cant tell anything unless the car model is told and the type of A/C system. Whether one common fan or seperate condemsor & radiator fans!
  13. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="luckey007" data-cid="287112" data-time="1449105544"><p> What do you expect from transmission.....flirt with you??????</p></blockquote> Well said. I have a CVT in my 2000 Vi-RS, and when you want to overtake and press the accelerator pedal fully... The engine goes to about 5,000rpm. Few seconds later you see the speed is 100km/h fcame from nowhere
  14. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="bimalnp4me" data-cid="285934" data-time="1446735134"><p> <br /> Thank you very much <a href='http://forum.autolanka.com/user/51257-irage/'>iRage & </a><a href='http://forum.autolanka.com/user/70095-tuner88/'>tuner88</a> for thare Valuable feedbacks.<br /> <br /> These are very useful. Thanks for even going for extra distance.<br /> I will start looking.. May be a Ceres or Carina GT. But I will go for a well maintained car.<br /> With the current one (it is also 17 years OLD) I got lot of repairs, I will definitely let you guys know once I made my choice.<br /> <a href='http://forum.autolanka.com/user/45859-nsiva/'>@ nsiva </a>Do you still own the car? Tell me more about your experience as an owner? :prankster Sorry bimal I havent owned any carina Gt. I was trying to buy one for my friend. ?
  15. OP, This was my question sometime back, if you are interested. I had a similar reservation.. http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/16616-toyota-carina-gt/?fromsearch=1
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