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  1. I have used a 2011 Prius 2nd gen. Recondition, used it for 5 years plus and 85k kms, did not face any issue with battery or hybrid system. I have heard/seen that 3rd gen having some battery issue if you not service regularly. Aqua also i have seen/heard that they have same kind of batter issue. Check with some Hybrid workshops then you can get more details.
  2. Yes go for a capacitor version. But the one you shared is more than 10k (95 USD) isn't it?
  3. My two cents.. For 1-3 points Prius 2nd gen may be a good option. I think you can find around 3.6-3.8M range. For the 4th point You will not loose that much as it has the toyota badge
  4. Hi guys, If we can arrange a later with a lawyer will it be a good solution?
  5. And do not forget to check their new web site http://www.tenagacarparks.com/ hak hak hak
  6. Not an expert. Here is a link: Every thing depend on how you take care of your vehicle like any other..
  7. Well, these are the reasons that i wanted to look for SUV option. Are you using a brand new one? or 2nd hand one? According to current market situation what would be the depreciation about after running 100k? lets say now 2nd hand one is 6M.
  8. Thank you @asrock @nisala4423 @Clark'sson @Crosswind for your valuable input and time. Regarding V8: I will keep that option as a choice when i own a fuel station (just kidding..) @Clark'sson Any known maintenance that need to be aware of if i buy a Sorento which is around 80k kms??
  9. Well, I mean most Premios/toyotas 2nd hand value is like : "you buy the vehicle and you never used and selling it". I know It is because of reliability/parts availability etc. But it is wired!!!
  10. As i heard, some service people asking to service the battery around every 50000km. The reason is that due to SL weather conditions, corrosion could be occur in individual battery cells (wire contacting area). which will affect to cells performance and if one cell not performing well it will affect to whole battery performance. For service if it is feasible http://www.sanctamaria.com/ he has good knowledge. For batteries try this place https://kachybridbatteryclinic.net/ hope this helps you (Also park at your own risk i mean do your re/search as well)
  11. Hi Guys, I wanted know your opinions about buying a 2nd hand sorento 2012 diesel vs Premio 2013. This could be bit wired question . Reasons/Concerns: My budget is around 60Mil. Expected to keep the car for 4 - 5 years. Will be running around 20k to 22k kms per year. Colombo 60km per day. I do not want to loose much when i am selling it again. Also i do expect to sell it like i never used it (like Premio/Toyota in sri lanka ) Have bit of a concern about fuel consumption. as i heard Sorento diesel doing around 10kmpl in city and outstation 14kmpl. Please share your ideas/experience.. Thank you..
  12. Normally this is coming around 80k mileage. But it could be vary (in most case if ODO meter is not showing the correct mileage ) Inverter Water Pump is used to pump inverter cool-lent needed for the Inverter. As i know there is no any direct relationship with battery. It is just a for cooling purpose. Regarding the voltage: it should have nearly the same value, but actual figure will be vary depending on the battery charge level. For example if battery is fully charged it may be 12.45 for all, if battery charge level is low at the time you take the report it could be 10.56 for all. [Note these are as example figures i cant remember what was there in my actual report ]. The reason for this is, if any of cell have different voltage (probably a low value, which is a bad cell) then it could result to weak other cells as well (means whole battery will be in bad condition). So if the report have same value or nearly the same value then it is a good one.
  13. Here is my experience (Anyway you need to check service history, etc as a normal vehicle), Do a scan from a good service location (With a proper device) Check voltage of HV battery cells, Report should show nearly same voltage for all cells. Depending on the mileage you may need to check whether inverter pump is replaced or not (as i can remember brand new one is around 18k - Not from toyota lanka). (milage 80k+) Other than that there is no any issues.
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