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  1. I wonder the lift would effect the reliability. With those angles the drive components will have more wear and tear right? What do you think? Would it last 10 years / 100K miles? I don't have much hope.
  2. Ha ha.. Many times my brain says to trade in one of the 4Runners and buy a Wrangler. I think it was last week I went to the configurator tool and building a Diesel Wrangler. Soon after my brain said your kid is growing up now stop spending money on cars and save for education..!! 😂 For sure 392 is fun but that small 3L turbo diesel engine seems like a good option for touring and trails. Also, when was the last time i went to the ram configurator tool and built a TRX? Few hours ago.. Closed that page soon after also..😂
  3. Didn't knew Aqua has AutoPilot too.. 😱
  4. Not sure if it was 4wd 24-7 or Ronny Dahl videos said those Nissan Patrol components are much more heavy duty than Land cruiser 70s. The Ausie4wheeler channel got some insane Nissan Patrol builds.
  5. What's in front of all those Toyota's putting a spectacular show? A Nissan...!! (The camera vehicle for 4WD 24-7)
  6. There is a US company that has phone mirror interface for Toyota and Lexus. Not sure if they can help you, can give a try using their contact us form and see. https://www.beatsonicusa.com/if02ep.html/
  7. Take your time and check all the bolts on the battery terminals. Also check the ground wires that connect to the body of the car. I can't tell where exactly its on an Axio since I don't have one. But in most cases that wire is some where near the battery or fuse box. Sometimes those small things cause lot of panic.
  8. Both battery terminals are tight? Ground wires to the body in engine compartment tight?
  9. Hoo hoo hoo.. This is my back yard.. Well not really..😂 (From my dashcam) @Kavvz BTW I still have the Subi. (Shop having hard time getting my after market LEDs and Ditch lights. Also bumper mod to avoid rubbing the bigger tires) Subi still survives but teeny tiny problems with ground clearance..
  10. I'm little worried about 25 years service life. I'm not sure about that petrol 3.5 twin turbo. I think 3.3 turbo diesel and the old old 4.0 n/a petrol would be bullet proof.
  11. Toyota Land cruiser 300 series engine option rumor.. Petrol 4L V6, 3.3L Turbo Diesel, Petrol 3.5L V6 Twin Turbo.
  12. With this someone can easily assume that it's with the brakes. But I think the best option is to show it to a trusted mechanic and they would lift and see if its brakes. Should be an easy diagnose for brakes. If its not brakes it could be one of the belts getting old and its time to replace (regular maintenance item with age and mileage). Unit#d Mot#rs at Orugodawaththa is really good to visit and diagnose too. I've worked with Randika their and he was very friendly and helpful. (Not sure if he is still there as I haven't been their lately)
  13. May be you can check if you can remove the stock speakers and inspect. If the paper is thin and the travel is less the speaker cannot produce a good quality sound. Better quality material and a big range of travel will give you a warm pleasing sound. If you go with a really high-end speaker with a really good quality material and a big travel the in-built headunit amp will not be enough. You will need an external amp to power. Lot of things go in to getting a good clear sound.. I'm not in to loud music but I prefer focusing on to each instrument, enjoy base lines and drum notes, warm voca
  14. I have very good experience with petcolanka. Both me and my dad used both of their branches at Narahenpita & Colpetty and I can't tell them apart as both had good techs. They will listen to your need and budget and give suggestions. You might not have to still with factory size speakers. We have even done some modification to factory door trim metal and in some cases like in the classic KE72 needed customer made speaker support in the cargo area while keeping the factory look. I have work with them for after market headlights as well. I would say just have a chat and see wh
  15. I know this is not the post to say funny things but I did enjoy the manual 660CC Viva I had with 10,000rpm. There was soo much "sathuta" on the right foot seeing that rpm meter goes mad but still at a safer speed. (Yes I had both 660cc and 1000cc Viva manual transmission)
  16. I wonder if you stop by at 3M tint city at Maradana they will be able to validate that or if they have old records by license plate if it was done there. Not sure..
  17. No really by the logo. I asked 3M tint city to remove 3M logos on my tints. And leave no gap on the glass.
  18. Sorry no idea about that. 78% is the very good number. Look like not even the darkest crystalline has that amount of solar energy rejection. BTW, need to set the expectation that not even crystalline tint able to keep the heat out when parked for long hours. Sunshade on a windshield is a must but still the car gets pretty hot after parked in sun. Need to open windows and run A/C for sometime to get the heat out. Just saying before you have really high expectation.
  19. My vote for; 3. 3M's Crystalline Tint All glasses including windshied. CR70 is good for windshield (hardly noticeable that its tinted) and you can use darker one for windows and rearglass.
  20. Interesting to see Toyota trying to get in to sports car track. (With a disappointment of Supra been a BMW other than the Toyota badge). Wonder if IS getting 100% Toyota engine or got help from Yamaha like the Lexus LFA engine (4.8L V10 with redline from 9000-10000rpm).
  21. kmeeg

    3M tint

    I think the glasses on the 3M Tint City building at Maradana is treated with 3M Tint. Either the tint is really good or the air con is really good. It was pretty comfy while I was waiting till my car is tinted there.
  22. Yep, I didn't even want to mention the name. Just wanted to tell about the LC70 and Hilux they use which would be the best choice for our boys. I mean give our boys the best tools for the job.
  23. LC70 should have been a better fit for the army than the Land rovers. Even these guys seems to love them.
  24. 🤩🤩Look at these beauties...!!!🤩🤩
  25. I bought one from Sunlanka. It was a brand called steelmate. I got the one way systems which you can lock & unlock with siren + lights or lock & unlock with just lights. Stop the engine disable alarm in triggered. It also has vibration sensor (for things like someone trying to snap the mirrors or any kind of vibration to the car. The same Steelmate also had 2 way security systems where in addition to the functions listed on one way system you get notified on your remote. They had multiple options to look at and select based in your needs and budget. For me they
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