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  1. Interesting to see Toyota trying to get in to sports car track. (With a disappointment of Supra been a BMW other than the Toyota badge). Wonder if IS getting 100% Toyota engine or got help from Yamaha like the Lexus LFA engine (4.8L V10 with redline from 9000-10000rpm).
  2. kmeeg

    3M tint

    I think the glasses on the 3M Tint City building at Maradana is treated with 3M Tint. Either the tint is really good or the air con is really good. It was pretty comfy while I was waiting till my car is tinted there.
  3. Yep, I didn't even want to mention the name. Just wanted to tell about the LC70 and Hilux they use which would be the best choice for our boys. I mean give our boys the best tools for the job.
  4. LC70 should have been a better fit for the army than the Land rovers. Even these guys seems to love them.
  5. 🤩🤩Look at these beauties...!!!🤩🤩
  6. I bought one from Sunlanka. It was a brand called steelmate. I got the one way systems which you can lock & unlock with siren + lights or lock & unlock with just lights. Stop the engine disable alarm in triggered. It also has vibration sensor (for things like someone trying to snap the mirrors or any kind of vibration to the car. The same Steelmate also had 2 way security systems where in addition to the functions listed on one way system you get notified on your remote. They had multiple options to look at and select based in your needs and budget. For me they
  7. @iRage Looks really good. But I don't like this lights design. I don't know why they did that as everything else look very good.
  8. kmeeg

    Engine ECU

    Try to give a call Chamila Auto spare 0777071188 / 0761020227 - Dunston. I checked with my friend Chamila but he is not sure if they are in stock. His dad Dunston will be at the shop to check for you.
  9. When that koththu hits you and its time to go? https://www.instagram.com/p/CLTT3wVFgHM/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link (Oops.. Looks like IG video only come as a link )
  10. I love to drive when its really cold.. It was -22 Celsius when me and kiddo was having some fun.
  11. I'd love to have a 2.8 turbo diesel on mine for long travels for the fuel range. But for Arctic like temperatures I'm not sure if diesel is a good option. I feel much safer in a petrol engine. That reminds me of my bucket list trip but my wife is highly against the plan. There are few videos of 4Runners doing it but this guy is special as he was traveling with his family (including his little daughter).
  12. I wonder this Yakima roof basket and the cooler comes directly from Japan. I feel like they are installed at the regional port and ad $$$ to the price tag. Unlike the roof rack on TRD Pro this Yakima rack seems just bolted on to the regular cross bars..
  13. Ha haaa.. For sure should have called it TRD Picnic...😂😂 That is really bad naming convention for new buyers who talked to friends who have older Trail models with all the offroad goodies. Thank goodness the new Trail model atleast have A-Trac & Downhill Assist from base SR5 models. Nowadays even I have trouble keeping track of all these models when my friends ask. 😂😂 And the pricing...!! That's the price I paid for TRD Offroad with more offroad tech than a Land cruiser 200.. Unbelievable. As for LEDs I think its only LED low beams and Fogs are LED. High beam is halogen
  14. CR-V did a left turn machan. The light was green to go straight the whole time. Probably mis-judged the speed of on coming traffic.
  15. Yes machan, I got a call from the body shop and looks like its just regular body panel replacement needed. It's lucky CR-V didn't get a big hit. But the Toyota service dept driver who was driving my 4Runner said the CR-V driver got minor injuries. I did not see how bad the CR-V was. Toyota people did everything needed.
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