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  1. Hello friends, Anyone can explain about this report from TL? I'm specially interested in DTC clear run distance and Hybrid Battery condition. Thanks! obd.jpg

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    2. gayanath


       @Dee Jay's explanation is quite correct for this case in my opinion also. 

      Lower the "block voltage difference" (difference between lowest and highest)  is better but which has no particular threshold as I know. And the difference (difference between lowest and highest) also varying when car starts running (based on the power out from the battery). Sometimes both new and old batteries are giving same values at idle but differ while it runs. 


    3. Reckless


      Thanks @Dee Jay and @gayanath for your valuable inputs. So the best way is to run a load test?

    4. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      Yes, I think getting the voltages alone won't be sufficient to get an exact idea on the performance and capacity of the battery cells.

  2. Anyone here using 2014 Prado 2.7L TX?

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    2. iRage


      Used one....somewhat under powered...but works brilliant as a pavement princess..The 2.7L engine works okay (not ideal) for something as light as  a Fortuner or a second gen Hilux Surf..but for the Prado with the added weight...simply does not work.

      But it is bareable (and some what economical) if you are just going to use it in the city sitting in traffic :) or don't mind slow cruisy drives on outstations :)

    3. Reckless


      Thanks bro, yes it would be mostly used in city traffic. I would be driving in very low traffic conditions and only 8km's a day so I wouldn't mind the fuel consumption. If it could climb the Kadugannawa hill without any load that would be enough for me. ?  

    4. iRage


      Well...then I do believe you could live with it :) 

  3. No this is color. There are 4 ink tanks for each color. Black, Blue, Crimson and Yellow. The price was some where around 20k as I can remember bought from debug. Genuine ink bottle is around Rs. 300-500. Can print loads with one bottle.
  4. Now there are printers that comes with factory fitted CISS kit. I have an Epson Stylus L130. Works good most of the time. I do not use it much so some times the nozzles gets clogged but doing a head cleaning and alignment fix it. Print quality is good and the ink cost is very cheap.
  5. Wow nice ride machan congrats! Owning a Lancer was one of my dreams too.
  6. Merry Christmas every one and keep this in mind too
  7. I can vouch for the Carina. Spacious, comfortable and good handling. Si My road would have a good acceleration but would be less economical than the Ti. Try to expand your budget a bit and reach for a 1999/2000 Carina.
  8. How come a 2007 manufactured car have a H number plate?

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    2. Reckless
    3. terrabytetango


      Just saw it. That is VERY dodgy indeed. The E60 was released in 2003 I think, by which time the J series was well under way.

    4. sharma
  9. I want to believe too, but I don't see its happening
  10. All 3 wheels looks out of alignment to me..
  11. lol love the way that guys scratching his head
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