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  1. I am in the market for a laptop and one of my friends volunteered to ship it for me through fedex. I am wondering if anyone has experience importing a personal laptop to sri lanka and clearing it from customs?
  2. interesting... Is it like a drivetrain transplant from a compatible car or a custom build?
  3. Who is the mastermind behind this marvel 😂
  4. cant trust the ODO on cars bro.. We sold our family nissan sunny years ago at 141K and it was advertised at 160K 4 years later... so you really cant say the exact condition of the engine. But, in general the oil levels do go down little by little specially if you keep your car in a hot climate area like puttlam, jaffna or trinco and used a thinner viscosity oil like full synthetic 0W-20 or 5W-30 . But if its considerably a large drop then you might be burning small amounts of engine oil, it wont show up on silencer smoke. To overhaul the entire engine including valve seals will be very cos
  5. if you are in the market for tenders, look at embassy websites for their tenders too. You can get a decently maintained good car for a relatively low price and the tenders are not as competitive as for leasing company or govt tender cars. Just the only compromise would be having to run the car with a blue number plate.
  6. Firstly, Suzuki every is a KEI van which means its a N/A 660 CC engine. Passo and Vitz are not kei cars, they are wider, bigger than an every and have 1000-1300 CC engines. And therefore the car doesnt need to rev at very high rpm to maintain speeds unlike a suzuki every therefore it will do better on fuel ( At high RPM the car does really bad on fuel) .. this is why even cars with 2L engines do well on fuel on open roads because the engine is barely under stress. (axio did 16 KPL outstation on 1NZ 1.5L engine fyi). Meanwhile an every would be redlining easily at 100KPH. Secondly, these
  7. HaeylM

    Changing single tyre?

    It would just be a waste of money cause you will eventually wear up the new tyre even more comparatively (the thread difference even minute, would cause the tyres to grip the road unevenly at average speeds and braking. Best option would be to replace as a pair always, its safer for you as the tyres would grip better and also wear less because of even contact. Dont get chinese ones like Hifly, go for Taiwanese or better.
  8. for me, for my passo DBA-KGC30, there was a specific driving and maintenance pattern to get good fuel figures. Keep the idle stop on and always keep more than 3 bars of fuel on tank... I did regular maintenance at company with castrol fully synthetic 5w-30 oil, original filters and general care... ii used to never neutral on traffic and mostly keep on D, even in hills the car had the hill anti roll feature so no need to keep brakes on in hill traffic. Acceleration wise i always had a pretty light foot and had the eco light on all the time. Outstation not as light on acceleration when overtaki
  9. Go to delkanda, there are plenty of recon dealers who brought doctor sunny parts long time back from half cuts to even gearboxes. Hunt around and you can get a good deal on a recon part.
  10. If you are looking to swap cars every now and then, it wont be as viable due to the tough resale market. but, for personal use most cars rebadged by micro stand up well with good maintenance.
  11. Its gonna take more than a year for covid to get back to normal all over the world. Given the policies in our country its gonna be a while. But who can say for sure, things are unpredictable. When Will Covid Pandemic End? Vaccine Calculator Shows 7 Years at Current Rate - Bloomberg
  12. @iRageI guess because there are way few EX-s in good condition, the prices have gone up for the ones in market? I saw a 2010 one a while back but the interior was hacked up with ralli art badges and fake carbon trim stickers 😂
  13. Firstly, you can never predict the future of a car but generally, If you want fuel economy and relatively low maintenance then go for a newer and popular toyota hatchback like Passo or Yaris/Vitz. Aqua is a little more expensive and older but more economical on petrol, repairs are expensive tho. If this was a year back then id say Axio 161 but now prices are skyrocketed so a much better sedan would be Honda FD civics, Lancer EX-s and Mazda 3. Axio 141 is not worth 4.8 mil if you are buying a secondhand prius or any hybrid, keep money in hand for battery replacements and batte
  14. these are aftermarket installs so you can start by checking if the +12V from the battery is working (the power line to the controller), then check the ground connection of the welcome lights to the door switch. Finally if both these are fine then it could be a burnt out LED in which you need to buy a new light set for it.
  15. Just my humble input, I had a reverse camera issue on the sedan once and at the end of the day it was an issue of improper grounding. The infotainment system gets the reverse camera signal from your reverse light bulb, and due to unearthy wiring from when the camera was installed, it sometimes took a while to display the back camera and just stayed on radio. the fix was to tighten the ground wire for me. If you have a weekend to experiment with, try running the reverse camera signal wire and complete the circuit without having the car on reverse and check if its the rev camera being faul
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