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  1. Before you start wait a few seconds and let the buzzing noise go off before you crank the engine (ie: let the fuel pump start up properly and prime the ignition), This is not an issue if its push start cuz the car automatically waits for the fuel pump but if its key start ive seen so many people just get in the car and fire it up. Also given its a 121 its a good idea to check your engine timing and fuel pump.
  2. I can relate well 😂 our one was a converted one too! the seats did not match the door trim patterns. Anyway 90% of the ones in the market are townaces with retroffited headlights, grill and doors. some conversions ive seen they dint even do the interior door trim changes or the coolbox.
  3. My dad used to have the KR42 version of the Noah, its definetely a good choice for a minivan with its dual AC, wide seat options and 3C engine but I think the pricing in SL is ridiculous for it. 2006 model was close to 3.2 Mil in 2011 and nowdays even 1999 model petrol ones go for 3+ mil, diesel ones of 2006-7 are well above 4.5 mil For that price i'd say an Avanza would be better off as it would be newer even though its not japanese made. The 1.5 L should do well for city driving.
  4. seems about right for city traffic. Personally havent owned one but had a friend with a santafe that did about the same. In case you are curious on fuel savings in city, do a tuneup, clean your pumps, change oil to a thinner grade(fully synthetic), check your air filters, oil filters etc, keep aircon on 24 and high fan instead of lo/18 degrees to cool ur cabin, never use chinese tyres and also fill them to a proper pressure and most of all drive with a light foot. you might end up doing a few extra kms on your fill up.
  5. Firstly unless you've driven it off road like an SUV or something very unprobable that ur needing a new steering rack for a 20K mileage car, but on the other hand so many importers turn back mileages so its a good place to check your rack. Generally speaking your symptoms indicate a worn rack. Had the issue in our company car, it made a very annoying ticking noise when taking U turns and changing the entire rack including the bushes was the way it got fixed. dont buy recon parts at delkanda cuz the quality and reliability is not guaranteed (even with the seller's fake 6month warranty). B
  6. i had a fb13 doctor sunny long time back with the GA15 engine. colombo peak traffic its hard to get past 9kmpl and avg is abt 7-8kmpl. even outstation it barely did anything better than 12. Anyway do a tuneup, clean the spark plugs and fuel injectors, might improve somethhing.
  7. Aqua is actually a good car, Powertrain is well built and does really well in fuel(11-13 in heavy traffic, 15 in city limits and 20+ outstation), Car sits really low for aerodynamics so you are going to hit potholes and speedbumps with a screetch every now and then, Specially if you have a bodykit you need to get the lower lips with a rubber lining. Comfort wise its not bad, front seats are ample but the back seat legroom is a little poor and even the roof is a little low so tall people might be just missing their head on the back roof. The cooling systems are great and even the fact that most
  8. There were quite a few brought down back then due to the revised tax structure. I had a friend who got one down and ran it for a while before switching. But yes the car would have gone through some rough use depending on how badly the owners used it. But given its rarity there could possibly be well looked after ones. Most of the other cars within his budget are either with smaller engines and less luxury features. 7mil would have been a good starting point to get a Crown or newer Accord. 4Mil would mostly include abused mid range luxury cars. The cheapest ideal newer and less abused sedans i
  9. well as a person who timely switches cars i can tell u that its no easy task to sell or exchange any car within a month unless you are willing to sell it at a ridiculously low price to a car sale or a reseller as there are not a lot of people who have 4 million lying around to do drop purchases. Most people looking for cars beyond 3 mil are very careful and take their time to get the best possible deal for their hard earned money so not sure where the magical car you are looking for fits well. As for your choices the optima and teana both are good cars for use but you would have a hard t
  10. recon parts in SL are stuff that were removed from wreckers in japan. so in case you get a faulty one you are in trouble. Try to import a brand new part from japan and then install it in either at TL or a garage you know. But given the situation with limited imports you might have to opt for TL parts directly for a brand new replacement. Recon is cheap cuz it doesnt come with all the parts and the wear and tear in it is not guaranteed to last. Full set generally means the entire steering rack including the bushes.
  11. How many KM are u running per day? Do a full tank to tank and calculate your fuel efficiency of KMPL for us to suggest any solutions if you are actually getting bad fuel figures. Anyway you cant expect hybrid figures even with a 660 engine. most it would do is 11-12 in city traffic and even outstation might not go beyond 14-15 as the engine would constantly be under load unlike cars with bigger engines doing well in the highway. Btw you are carrying heavy cargo in your vehicle so fuel efficiency is anyway going to be low. besides if you are going uphill a lot its going to be even w
  12. Marketing cars on AL forums lol.... u resurrected a thread that is 4 years old and for a car that is not that spoken of today ?
  13. Depending on the vehicle type you are looking for there are plenty of options, Read through the forums for the common issues and owner reviews for each vehicle. Vezel is under 4 Mil because of the DCT issue and note that the replacement is going to cost you and is also costly to regularly maintan the gearbox to extend its life. Grace and Fit GP5 also has the same issue. Toyota there are many models and sedans within your budget would be allion 240, axio 161, premio 240, rav4 (2001-5), Terios etc.. Honda: Fd civic, Accord, CRV (2003-6) Mitsubishi: Lancer Ex, Attrage, Outl
  14. As a learner you are supposed to keep to the left lane at almost all times except if you are to take a U turn or merge into oncomming traffic so that you can take a turn to the right. Overtaking vehicles as much fun as it is would mean that you might have to speed at times and as a learner its not the best idea out there as you might have less experience predicting road traffic conditions and if someone drives reckless you might not be able to avoid the accident. I myself understand that sometimes there are vehicles moving way too slow in the road but as a learner i think its better for you to
  15. Since its your first car may i suggest you to get a newer car? for the price of a 141 you can easily get yourself a newer Toyota hatchback if you are flexible with not having to stick to a sedan. (2013 ish vitz, 2016 ish Passo, Toyota Tank etc.. ) But as for sedans, The FB15 is a pretty old car at almost 20 years, Most of the cars in the market would have done well over 100K and gone through some extensive use. Id say go for a 141 or axio. Most of the mechanical parts of 141LX are simillar with the axio including dashboard. Only difference is the 141 comes with a 1.6L while the Axio
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