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  1. Yeah its a garbage upgrade because its just cosmetic to impress people around i guess , I saw a lot of these converted ones when i went car hunting. It was obvious that they had been converted with because it doesnt work like how the original push start works. Original push start cars you need to keep your foot on the brake for the car to start up, and just pressing the button will initiate accesory mode. But in these converted ones the car just starts up when you click the button. Besides like you mentioned, the touch button on the doors dont work and even in the ones that work, its a lot we
  2. Congrats on your new car! Axio is a great car for city and outstation driving and the engine is plenty reliable. Yes its possible but there are 2 options to do so and with very different ways of working. First option is cheaper which is done at P*TCO L*NKA where they will install an aftermarket system with push start, but the button is not OEM nor is the remote, Plus the touch bar in the door is not there so it wont work as well as a car that came with push keyless entry. If you want to do an original conversion then you need to get the entire system including door handles and boot
  3. its just a storage compartment sort of thing they put in place of the push button start. you can pull that knob towards you and hide some cash inside the plastic barrel. Im guessing you bought the non hybrid petrol base model with the manual AC dials?
  4. If you dont mind a older but pretty decent sedan, May i suggest B13 (Doctor) Sunny?. We owned one long time back for a while and it was an amazing car and is pretty popular in the local secondhand market. You should be able to find an automatic one for under 1.5 Mil and the GA15 engine combined with the good fabric seats and ample interior space, you should be good on long distance drives compared to a crammed up hatchback. The maroon interior ones are more popular and if you can find a super saloon version you will get power mirrors, shutters, RPM meter and auto AC. But there are EX saloons w
  5. During this time if you are to purchase a car you are going to have to pay a large premium if you plan to buy in a hurry because most of the sellers are just demanding big money thinking that someone will eventually pay up due to their needs, but most of the cars on sale are on sale for a long time unlike the times prior to covid where cars would disappear from websites in a day or two. So the ones reasonably priced(still a little higher than they used to be but not ridiculously overpriced still move but slowly). Check quicksite (Ik###.lk), there were some G grades for sale at 4.1-4.3 mil and
  6. If you are looking for a car that will give you more driving feel and handling id say lancer EX is the way.. but its very hard to find a good one (most of the ones that come on sale cheap are either with worn out interiors or with weird exterior mods, the original mileage ones with decent maintenance go for high prices) As for a more basic and reliable car id also stick to a corolla 141. The 1.6L is plenty for sri lankan roads and comfort wise the car sits well. the axio varient however is more expensive in the local market and usually you can find a newer and lower mileage 141 compared
  7. axela and civic is pretty good. you can get a ES5 facelift for that range. also try a 2005-9 lancer
  8. Help..turbo Light Continuously On…camry Cv30 Diesel - Mechanical problems - AutoLanka
  9. Yes, as @sathyajithj99stated you might not be able to find the exact one but try the honda japan website and search their archives for the user manuals, then translate it. Else you can get one for the domestic model HRV which will be in english.
  10. Check at central postmaster mail exchange in colombo with your tracking number. If customs flagged it down you might need to pay some tax depending on their valuation of it. Sometimes the local post office doesnt notify if CME is holding the parcel.
  11. K*een P*rk does NDFOS tint with a 10 year warranty or something... gonna be pricy there but heard they do a good job on most of their paint protectant and stuff. P*tco L#nka and Adv*nce Car A#dio are cheaper options compared to previous but pretty good aftersales service.
  12. im not sure about what ur question is exactly but if your car is idling irregularly then try and get a tuneup, clean the throttle body and check your grounding. If you are getting sluggish acceleration even under lower load you might want to check if you are getting white or darker smoke of any kind from the silencer to ensure you arent running a leaking gasket. If you are in the clear, test your sensors and fuel lines.
  13. not sure about mazda itself but most 2007-8 cars came with UV cut glass, specially japanese ones 2) 3M is expensive for its brand name but most other imported tint brands have simillar or better quality in terms of heat reduction and UV protection. Btw most 3M stuff in SL are not original so id doubt third party 3M tints are any better. 3) Theoretically it depends on how and where you park your car. If the sun always points from the clear side you are gonna still have some heat compared to the darker sides. 4) i did my car tint on my own with taiwanese tint film(yes its not th
  14. yeah most of the so called custom cars are actually cars retrofitted with bullshit mods in japan and sometimes in Sri Lanka. I remember how car sales had so called G Package, Luxel Package and all which costed almost 1 Mil above the same grade standard car. the car documents and telltale signs show that its just a normal base grade car that these sellers fit Modellista bodykits from scrap cars and sometimes even dash pannel accesories like auto climate control, Multi steering etc to make it look of higher spec. Even most "brand new zero milage" cars brought by sellers have JEVIC, JAAI and Auct
  15. It all depends on whether you would consider a 17 year old car worth your budget specially with the currently inflated market price on cars. Even the cheapest deals nowdays are 3-5 laks above the market average before covid. But 100,000 seems like a very good mileage (if genuine) for a 17-15 year old car given most 2008-9+ cars nowdays have done well over 150K.
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