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  1. Neat! Great work. Feeling the unique smell you get from the retro cars. And the cold you feel when you touch the metal/chrome 🙂
  2. Have never taken this road, seems to have good views too. Just looked up the g map and isn't it bit narrow. not sure if the g maps are old ? You think a sedan can tackle this road ?
  3. Absolutely yes one of my favorite drives as well. I made this trip on my Axela back in 2019. No issues with the road. But the road towards devils staircase, from the point the road from Ohiya divides is still bad from the beginning I guess. There are few good lodging places on that road, dont think we can make on a sedan. @K.o.N.o.S even though the roads are good there are few elbow bends closer to the Horton plains with the incline, if the cars are lowered you'll have to take extra care on those not to hit the front end.
  4. What happened? You lost it by some means or? If the car under went and widscreen change it might be that previous owner forgot to put it back. I have heard that if you lose it, you'll have to lodge a complaint at Police.
  5. GK_007


    First I dont think Mr Sylvi meant to offend anyone living abroad. By the saying "Third class migrants in First class Country". I guess living in SL or abroad is a personal preference one has to make. And the sacrifices and gains in doing so can vary from person to person based on his situation. And it depends on what you truely value in your life. What I value as the first priority might not be applicable to another. I have travelled to many so called popular destinations of Sri Lankans and stayed long term, but I never felt I want to make that place my home. So what I believe
  6. Exactly, and whats wrong with middle aged company secretaries? 😏
  7. What about doing some cosmetic rubbing like cleaning the head lamps bro. Not sure if its due to the lighting, I'm seeing them slight yellowish. Don't think it will break the bank.
  8. "Voila" its a Camry then. I know for a fact that this model in particular is very popular in land down under. Hope our friends in Aussi will agree these are very popular and hacked as Uber cars. No idea how much you paid for it, but if you managed to bag it under 3.5mn I would say that's more car per buck compared to other options you have around that price range. Cheers.
  9. Would have done the same 😀 Also the known devil might be better than an unknown angel sometimes. If there is one reason to stick with the devil no matter what, you will.
  10. Really...? its almost hard to believe. Anyways, good luck on finding next love.
  11. Wow for 260k the interior and exterior was mint on the pictures.
  12. Its a sad ending indeed. I also have a similar experience with my car, when I bought my car the mileage showed as 18,000kms but was lucky I checked the JVIC online and figured out it was 40,000kms. I didnt bother too much just that remember that on service intervals. But how did you managed to verify the correct mileage ?
  13. Its indeed an eye opening saying. Thank you Mr Sylvi. Always an avid reader of your comments.
  14. Get a new set of pistons and ring sets, it fixes the issue. Issue is with the piston ring grove design. Once you replace the pistons and rings with the new design it works. I did just that and issue never came up again until I sold the car. Buying an unknown engine is too risky and not worth.
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