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  1. Hi All, my Axela 2014 has this AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting). But for some reason I find by default the beams are focused for a short distance. (Both low and high) and may be not centered to the middle of the road. Can this setting can be adjusted, I hope its not a DIY job ? Any recommended places. Thanks.
  2. Thanks @Gummybr. @mazdaspeed I am thinking the same, saw that Fa**First has some sort of a customizable scheme. Has anyone have experience with Fa**First insurance ? How is the claim settlement process etc. Any thoughts... thanks
  3. Friends, has anyone of you renewed the insurance policy recently. Need bit of an advise here on setting the market value. Due to the prevailing 'artificial' market prices, is it advisable to set the policy for the market price. My agent warns me that that if we have undervalued significantly then they will pay a proportion e.g. Insured Value / Market Value. Is it true ?
  4. Who on earth will buy this for 14.4mn ? Besides it looks raped by some 'arawa mewa'. Literally 150% increase from the prices back in 2019.
  5. Have yoh checked Yuasa? They have exhaust gas out
  6. I see, since I have been paying my insurance premiums online it doesn't include the lux tax portion to that. Thanks for clarifying. Wonder why RMV cant put up a system to pay taxes also online.
  7. You mean subsequent annual luxury tax payments ? Didnt knew that. so far I have paid to RMV by visiting them. What about the receipt issued by RMV, does the insurance company issue you a receipt for the tax portion ?
  8. Anyone paid Semi/Luxury taxes recently ? Is RMV operating now, tried few contact numbers I found online but none works. There was an appointment system few months back, not sure if its still there. Anyone who visited them recently ? Thanks
  9. I have been using 5W 30 Toyota oil. Never used 0W 20. And I do change in 5000km / 6 month intervals. For me also 6 month is reached earlier than reaching 5000kms for past year. If I were you I will change the oil in 6 months regardless. And I dont see an issue in moving to 5W 30.
  10. Why not importing the Axio battery? Any reasons? Also what was the warranty with TL?
  11. When you say Reconditioned, it may or may not have gone through cell replacement. It might be taken out from cars met with accidents, in that case no gurantee on the mileage / lifetime. It may or may not have a significant life remaining. Its a risky option if you plan to keep the car long term. If I were you I'd buy a BN from TL, dont want to risk spending around 150k for a recon one.
  12. Check with TL as well, I have seen some time back they had easy payment schemes for BN Hybrid battery packs. And their prices was also ranging from 350k-400 as I recall. I am not saying 400k is cheap, but compared to the prices of latest iphones (which can become useless by just one fall) 400k for a BN battery pack which can give you worry free motoring for another 5-10 years is dirt cheap.
  13. Amazing history. Thanks for sharing, as @Kavvz mentioned love to hear more.
  14. Yup. Once I checked from a local car rental joint and they were expecting Altos from 2012 above. And Peroduas/Japanese alternatives they were ok to go for 2010 above.
  15. Yes @iRage thats what I hoped. Besides I will be going for a big loan and will be stretching my comfort zones financially 😕 but now after all your comments feel its not worth. Because after paying the installment of around 150k and management fees around 15k min if I am getting around 80k its not worth. And it seems even getting that sum consistantly is not promising as well... I'v been too optimistic of consistant cash inflows in this venture. Thank you all for your valuable feedback. 🙏
  16. Thats indeed an aspect I never thought of..thanks buddy will take note of that. As @Quiet has mentioned many claim that there will be an over supply of apartments.. What do you think about that... 🙂
  17. Hi Guys, Sorry to bump up an old thread. Guess its the right thread to ask this. Just want your valuable thoughts on this. I have been thinking about buying an Apartment from Colombo, with the expectation of renting out. But lot of people advice against it with the current situation and the I myself is having doubts whether I will be able to rent it out in 3 years once its complete. Specially because, 1-There are lot of housing units that will be coming up during next 2-3 years and most are vacant even now. 2-Buying power of people has gone down. On the other hand the loan rates are attractive these days and I hope its now or never. Since I am scraping all my savings and sacrificing a large sum of my salary for a loan, 😕 just want to know your thoughts on this. I suppose the prices will not drop, hence there will be a capital gain.. But my main worry is whether I will be able to rent out... Coz if not it will not be sustainable for me. Your advices, thoughts are welcome.
  18. I am using 3Ms as well. Cant comment on others,however if we keep aside the brand name '3M';others might as well be the same or might even be better. Agree with @kmeeg on heat, the tint, windshield sunshade both are useless if parked in direct sunlight for long hours.
  19. Check on Sunday Newspapers. e.g. Observer
  20. The metallic orange one is not the current gen. It was NA gen. One like below. Sorry my bad, missed the year of yours.
  21. Oh too bad, one of my dream cars. Haven't seen any come up for sale apart from 2 red ones year 2017 which has been for sale for a while now. Unfortunately the asking price is too much for me. Was yours a metallic orange one ? Remember seeing one sometime back in a Car sale around Kaduwela.
  22. Wow please add a dedicated thread for it. Right timing for steering rack and bush kits, Colonial mentioned to me on the recent inspection as well that around 80 I will have to replace them and I'm now at 60k and the bushes have shown some deterioration. And agree with paint, apparently the paint is a weak point on these, it gets easily scratched / wear off. For steering wheel and hand break I've been using covers so they have held up. Edit: this thread directed me to Mazdas, ended up buying an Axela. So thanks for that.
  23. Neat! Great work. Feeling the unique smell you get from the retro cars. And the cold you feel when you touch the metal/chrome 🙂
  24. Have never taken this road, seems to have good views too. Just looked up the g map and isn't it bit narrow. not sure if the g maps are old ? You think a sedan can tackle this road ?
  25. Absolutely yes one of my favorite drives as well. I made this trip on my Axela back in 2019. No issues with the road. But the road towards devils staircase, from the point the road from Ohiya divides is still bad from the beginning I guess. There are few good lodging places on that road, dont think we can make on a sedan. @K.o.N.o.S even though the roads are good there are few elbow bends closer to the Horton plains with the incline, if the cars are lowered you'll have to take extra care on those not to hit the front end.
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