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  1. Seriously! Where are those rock sliders from? Looks brilliant! I saw the rock sliders and the first thing that came into mine was: Dang! Perfect for warding off those bike riders and three-wheers that creep in between cars... Why have side steps when you can have rock sliders!!
  2. It was a figuare of speech, but sure: Noted! 😄 Also crazy how fast they are... (That's what she said? 😆) Manual transmissions are king! And the joy a perfectly executed downshift brings can't be described...
  3. Can't shed much light on this topic. But this at least deserves a 😯 🧐 Just kidding old chap! All of us dream of flicking through the gearbox and rev matching downshifts like Dorikin everytime we take the car out...In my case, the only time I was able to rev match was when I had a DSG !!
  4. Thanks for your input Gentleman: Upon further research as well as taking into consideration your comments above I've decided to just drain out the old oil and simply switch to synthetic oil and not add any additives or any flushing chemicals as the risks seem to greatly outweigh the benefits.
  5. Whoa! Very cool looking car!
  6. Hello Gentlemen: I was wondering whether any of you may have a suggestion for any products that I could use to help flush out sludge etc. before an oil change? (Background: I recently purchased an older car that may not have had its oil changes on time and while there are no issues at this point I do want to address any potential engine sludge issues as its an older car running (what I believe to be) regular mineral oil. I figure adding some engine oil additives before the next oil change is probably a good idea. Does anyone have any preferred brands that I could look into for this? )
  7. Edited the obscenity out of your post for you ! @matroska 😃!!
  8. True that! Got a car for sale, if that sells, maybe I'll get a little something to cheer myself up.... 😀
  9. Thanks for the great response @AVANTE! Its very informative and it all seems very logical. I do agree that the 200 seems to be the best option among the lower capacity models and I will keep that in mind: Been seeing them around a bit and I am certainly tempted...
  10. Wow! Congratulations to the MVP's @iRage, @AVANTE , @matroska , @Hyaenidae ,@Magnum , @Gummybr & @petrolHead1 !! It was certainly great to be back on Autolanka after some years away, and I was very glad to find that its still up and about! At least that's something to be grateful for, from crazy ole 2020 !! (Whew: What a steamroller of a year that was!) All the best, and hopefully we will see some normalcy returning to our lives during the latter half of 2021! Best Wishes to all the members !! 🥳🤞
  11. Forgot to ask you before: @AVANTE have you ridden any of the KTM offerings? The KTM Duke125 or Duke200 in particular? Slightly over budget here at 0.6 mil for the Duke125 (also not Japanese) but would be interested to hear your thoughts on it? Never been on one, however the reviews seem to be very complimentary- Would be interested to hear what you thought of it?
  12. Ah! That explains it: I didn't get to ride it too much but I found the bike very awkward and unfortunately, I didn't like it too much. Makes sense, as based on what you say: It sounds like it probably doesn't suit my riding style or it probably needs a bit of familiarization in order to ride it confidently...Plus I fear my reflexes or riding ability isn't what it was, and that the bike is not really a good fit for me. (Too sporty / twitchy for fat blokes with slow reflexes I suppose!) I've heard so much about the 250 fireblades. Never been on one though...
  13. Thank you Mr Sylvi. I had a great Christmas this year as thanks to Corona as we pretty much stayed home, so no silly office parties or dressing up and going out etc. And it was great! Best Christmas I've had in years...Ended up playing lots of games, eating some good food and relaxing. Was very nice! I hope your Christmas was as enjoyable too: Best Wishes of the season to you and the rest of our Autolanka members!
  14. I've ridden a CBR150 (borrowed off family for the odd joy ride) but sadly never been able to get my hands on a CBR250....But am intrigued enough to ask: What's the Indian version you speak of above? Is it a Honda that was made in India under license for the Indian market? (Is the CBR150 we have in SL from India too then?)
  15. Nothing to do with headlight leveling at all. As mentioned by @Prangi by scrolling up it will increase the brightness of your instrument cluster's back-lighting and scrolling it down will decrease the brightness of your instrument cluster. Try it at night while you're driving and you'll see immediately what we mean. Useful when: You're driving in the city and there is a lot of ambient light and you want to increase the brightness of your instrument cluster or useful when driving on the highway or outstation when you want to lower the brightness of your gauge cluster to lessen eye fatigue
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