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  1. 😆!! All the more reason to buy one and slap a super charger on!! 😁 !!
  2. Wow!! Congratulations!! Hardly ! 😆 one of the nicest SUV's I can think of right now... (Only reason its not #1 on my list is because it doesn't come with a V8...)
  3. Wow! Better looking Exterior than the Merc I think...then e-Tron GT looks really nice too!
  4. Yes absolutely Tesla is king! But primary because of their battery tech, as the cars themselves are pretty shit aren't they? - Build quality issues, paint issues, reliability issues, and even the interiors are so bland...(Apparently this is supposed to be a selling point? Errr...No Thank you! 😆) For the price of a Tesla S you could buy a hybrid car that is SO much more from one of the big European brands or a nice Jap equivalent...Only thing is when it comes to full EV's Tesla still has the edge due to their battery tech (cost, range, performance etc) However, I think its only a mat
  5. True. I've met two sales people so far in my interactions that were simply outstanding. One worked at a bank (banking relationship person) and the other was in car sales. Amazing individuals, super friendly, super high energy and you just could not say no to their sales pitch. Ended up saying no to the car sales guy and it felt like I had just back stabbed my best friend- Such was the sales interaction and the relationship the guy built up (in two visits!)... It was truly spectacular to watch those two sales guys in action!
  6. This is I think the newest and the fanciest they have come up with...The electric equivalent of an S-Class? (As for the EQC : It was a bit of a flop was it not? It was over priced and promptly got it ass kicked by the Audi version that came out a month or so later I recall? I think the interior on the EQC was nothing special too, certainly nothing like this... *My apologies to the Merc fans. Sorry chaps! BUT the EQC was not that great and Audi one that round...)
  7. The Mercedes-EQ all-electric sub-brand is finally ready to make its grand debut with the reveal of its flagship model the EQS
  8. Nice! I'm glad Nissan is quietly getting on track! Fingers crossed they get some success with that...🤞 Was disappointed thinking that the only decent product they had for 2021/2022 was the new Juke!! (I like the Patrol / Armada too but that's just because I'm a sucker for it. Its a bit dated now isn't it and outside of the Middle East it doesnt seem to really have a strong market presence...)
  9. Once of the few entry level models that I liked: kix / kicks looked really good and I thought Nissan judged the target market really well with that model...Too bad that Toyota one-upped them with the Yaris Cross!! How are the new Juke sales doing in Japan? That model looks like it might be a hit too?
  10. True. And now their resources are even more stretched aren't they? Sad state of affairs at Nissan... Fingers crossed they get some good profits off their smaller CUVs so they can get the ball rolling again!
  11. Agree with everything above EXCEPT that Nissan should focus on the Z !! 😆 The more I learn about the Z the more I don't like it !! The previous Z wasn't a big revenue generator for Nissan, nor was it much of a halo car for them. The current Z looks to be (in my opinion) even a worse seller. I think Nissan needs to create itself a high performance CUV like the Macan or a very cool electrified halo car like the Taycan / Audi e-Tron GT etc to bring the street cred of brand up a bit...
  12. Fair point, but rather than the regular model these special editions really hold value (and appreciate)... But I certainly agree that the R35 platform was more mainstream and was the car that really bought 'Godzilla' to the masses globally. All the more reason everyone will want to own a special version of one as the production runs ends...
  13. Oh wow! Given what the R34 GT-R V Spec II Nur versions are going for these days I assume this edition will only appreciate if you are one of the lucky few who can get their hands on one...
  14. Agreed! From the Pickwick papers? Hmm...Not too sure about that. Despite being pretty heavy and almost comically named (TRX vs RAPTOR vs GLADIATOR vs ZRX...) I think these whacky big trucks are well received! But then again, stick anything on a pickup style chassis and the Americans go all weak at the knees, no matter how impractical...🥴 Case in point a true Pickwick on skates: With side mirrors so big that they create a blind spot for your forward veiw, and an aluminum box that is ribbed (for your pleasure)!! Even Dicken's couldn't make that stuff up !! America-Honestl
  15. The best kind of ride to have! Go anywhere, fear nothing! Not even errant 3wheeler dudes or bus drivers!! *Okay I exaggerate- Maybe bus drivers...Those guys are completely looney!! 😆 🤣 😂 !!
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