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  1. This sounds like a sign of a failing transmission solenoid. (Get a transmission guy to take a look. Usually it's a straightforward fix.)
  2. Morimoto sells LED fog lights for the Teana. Take a look on their website, it might interest you. (I converted my Teana lowbeams over to HID's and used Morimoto ballasts and bulbs which had a far better light output than the OEM light setup on the Teana. Morimoto also has Nissan specific foglights. - I can't persoanlly recommend the fog lights as I didn't bother upgrading the fogs, but the HID lowbeams were awesome and Morimoto products being what they are I'm sure the Nissan specific fog lights would be a good upgrade.)
  3. I think any of the three listed above will be excellent as a starter car. My advice would be to pick any of the above and focus on getting the best maintained car you can find.
  4. Oh really? Wow. It definitely makes sense foe them to run with the Proton brand name which has good brand recognition amongst motor car enthusiasts as a manufacturer of fun to drive, well made cars...(Unlike Geely! 😆)
  5. Shaving one's head completely has now become very trendy and many Hollywood stars of my generation (Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, The Rock etc ) all sport your hairstyle! So Kudos on that decision! Plus as noted by you its probably more healthy than dying your hair. Definitely great to hear! I certainly have noticed that you seem to live life to the fullest which is awesome! I think if we ALL try to be happy and find joy in the lifestyle we have (with moderation of course); society will prosper and the world will be a happier place! My best wishes to you Mr Sylvi: Its always lovely to hear from you. Your posts on life in Colombo and the motoring community from times-gone-by are priceless. Thank you for sharing your memories with us.
  6. You're looking great Mr Sylvi! A very trending hairstyle I see too!! (A lot of the original members are all now sporting the same haircut or getting close to it, including myself! 😆 🤣 😂!!)
  7. Mr Sylvi: I'm happy to hear that your cataract operation was successful and that everything went through smoothly with no complications. Oh really ? That's good news! But at this point I suppose there is little effort going into conserving as that whole area has been earmarked for 'development'... This is an interesting development!! Please do keep us informed
  8. Hi Mr Sylvi. Thank you for your response despite your ill-health: I hope you feel better. And yes the De Soyza building has unfortunately been completely demolished. Its too bad, but as it was located on premium Colombo real estate I guess that was to be expected. Hopefully the the majority of the money from the sale of the land goes towards something fruitful that is beneficial and not into the pockets of our greedy politicians... Roar media did a pretty informative piece on it which I shall attach below incase you are interested:
  9. Impressive!! However I would also like to see Toyota mate a supercharger on that thing and release it as a 35th Anniversary model too please.... 😆 !!
  10. You got to drive it? Oh cool! How does it compare to a regular small engined car or how does it compare to the other electric cars you have driven?
  11. 😆 🤣 😂!! Forget Prado's! We should get them Mahindra Bolero pickups because 1. No govt servant needs to be driving luxury vehicles when the major of the country live at the poverty line. 2. Bolero pickups are useful on the farm and great for transporting goats!!
  12. Yeah man, situation is dire...I'm wondering what is going to happen to essential services that are heavily subsidized such as the educstion sector and the health sector (no money to import anything for the State Hospitals, and even simple supplies like bandages, anesthesia supplies, IV fluids etc are low - Its scary.) ? People would be more willing to get onboard if the bloody politicians weren't so selfish and acted as if the austerity laws didn't apply to them....Look at them trying to sneak in Prados for themselves etc! And its not just the monkeys in power who were trying to justify luxury vehicle imports during the pandemic, while even basic imports like tires and spare-parts were banned for the rest of us...They were all in on it; as even the opposition was mum on the topic until the public found out and THEN they all fell over themselves to deny / denounce the vehicle imports...What a despicable bunch our 225 are! Shame on them!
  13. Love the styling:That is one good looking pickup!
  14. I will look forward to that Mr Sylvi. I was also very fortunate to have had an opportunity to visit a building that had been restored & then preserved in a similar manner: In this instance a high rise building had been built above and around it, but the original building had been preserved as part of the 2 ground floors in a very contentious manner. I hope going forward we can also preserve important buildings from our past in Sri Lanka as well, without tearing them down in the middle of the night like they did in Kurunagela etc... I shall look forward to hearing any anecdotes you have about the De Soysa building etc. Best wishes, Kavvz.
  15. Hi Mr Sylvi, I trust you have been well and are weathering out the current health crisis without too much trouble... The news that the De Soysa building collapsed was quite sad and I couldn't help but think that its such a shame this historic building, one that is so significant to the business community of Colombo Fort wasn't preserved properly. While I understand that we do need to progressively develop our city, I think a creative solution could have been created so this building could have been preserved in some form. What a shame to lose such an important part of our city in this manner! Mr Sylvi, during your many business endeavors did u have any interaction with this building or anyone who did business there?
  16. Lovely write up! Thanks for sharing- Would love to hear more Mr Sylvi !
  17. Have to agree with Mr. Sylvi... Alto is the best! East or West, Alto leads the rest! 😆
  18. Bother! I feared as much...And yes if the Saudi's don't get it, nobody will. That is basically THE world's no.1 market for Patrol's and LC's !!! Hurrah for the Aussie's !! Let's see what they come up with then. Australia >>>Good at managing COVID and good at modding 4x4's !!
  19. Nooooo!!! But why? Best feature ever.... Edit: I did some digging on forums and there was some thought that since these are early production mule models on the actual L300 that is being sold, a rear split tail gate maybe available. (This is completely unverified and is more likely bit of speculation / wistful thinking but I can't help hoping for the same as the split tailgate is an awesome feature. It does probably makes the tailgate a bit more expensive to produce, but I see the new X9 comes with one (the GLS doesn't), so I'm confused as to why the L300 would not...Although the competition for the L300 isn't really the X9 but the Nissan Patrol / Armada and that doesn't have a split tailgate either. What a shame...)
  20. Wow pretty nice looking front there! A pity about the drab looking sides though...Overall a nice looking update. Looking forward to seeing how the Aussie guys lift it up a bit and maybe get some bigger wheels on there !!
  21. 😆!! All the more reason to buy one and slap a super charger on!! 😁 !!
  22. Wow!! Congratulations!! Hardly ! 😆 one of the nicest SUV's I can think of right now... (Only reason its not #1 on my list is because it doesn't come with a V8...)
  23. Wow! Better looking Exterior than the Merc I think...then e-Tron GT looks really nice too!
  24. Yes absolutely Tesla is king! But primary because of their battery tech, as the cars themselves are pretty shit aren't they? - Build quality issues, paint issues, reliability issues, and even the interiors are so bland...(Apparently this is supposed to be a selling point? Errr...No Thank you! 😆) For the price of a Tesla S you could buy a hybrid car that is SO much more from one of the big European brands or a nice Jap equivalent...Only thing is when it comes to full EV's Tesla still has the edge due to their battery tech (cost, range, performance etc) However, I think its only a matter of time before the Europeans or Japanese take over. (Or the wild card - Chinese? Apparently the EV market is growing the fastest in China...) If Tesla is smart, they would merge with Toyota, VW, GM or BYD etc. Or take them on as a majority owner before everyone else catches up to their battery tech or surpasses it, because if that happens they will lose their competitive edge and be dead in the water...
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