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  1. Glad to hear from you after while. Thats some useful info you've shared especially about the brake shoes and radiator cap. I also had some repairs done to the car during last few weeks. Didn't have time to update the thread but I will do so by tomorrow. Nice photo at the end.Always happy to see another Lancer. Cheers!
  2. Mine at 174,000kms now and not burning oil at all. Using Valvoline 10W30 plus Mitsubishi genuine oil filter (As the change is done at Unit#d Mot#rs). I too have opted for the can instead of loose oil. Burning 85% of oil is a serious issue. My previous lancer even at 225,000kms didnt burn oil. Are you sure that there are no leaks? My advice to you is to get this checked ASAP through a proper mechanic. Drop me a PM about where you are located. If you live nearby to my mechanics place, I'll share the details with you and get an appointment with him. I'm going there this weekend to get my ATF changed and engine tuned. If possible you can bring the car during that time.
  3. Oh that's a bummer.. Thanks for sharing the shop details. Will call them and see. Only issue is that its too far away from where I live.
  4. Yes man.. the replacement was an aftermarket one which obviously is less durable. All the more reason why I wanted to go for an original at that time. unfortunately I couldn't get a one. Those guys said that these coolers will last about two years at the time of installing. This was confirmed by the Agent as well. Apparently since the Genuine one is too damn expensive now, most go with these aftermarket parts. The cooler has lasted about 45,000kms. Anyways, I do have a bitter history with coolers as you pointed out. Lets see how this will turn out.
  5. Small heads up on few coming maintenance work, The Auto Gear oil change is due now. I've shared the details about the previous instance in this thread before. Will update the details of prices to get a comparison. Engine tune-up - will share the details if something new comes up. Need to replace the horn. I think one is busted. Now the horn sounds like a horn of a scooter. Thinking of putting a set of BOSCH Europa horn. Yes, yes, too loud and not suitable for a sedan, but I'm fed up with these lane hogging morons who wont give way. Need the big guns to chase them off. f**k em!!! Two repairs are also due. Looks like AC cooler is busted. Noticing a hissing sound from inside the dashboard and gradual reduction of cooling. Need to replace the rear brake cylinders as the repair kit has had its time.
  6. She is a beauty. Black on Black interior rite? Being a newer model than mine, car has the wheels of newer design. From where did you find the spoiler? I too am looking for a one. Not this variant though. I need the one that came to the Lancer specifically (Not the Evo version). Please share the contact details if they have more spoilers. Treat the car well, she will not disappoint you. Mine is a daily runner and now clocked almost 175k, still she is like the day I bought her three years ago.
  7. Please do yourself a favor and don't watch it.
  8. Wow, what a thrill ride of a story you've shared @De_ja_vu. Reading this gave me 100 times more thrills than watching F9. I'm glad the information you found in this thread helped you to solve out the issue and thought you few lessons on maintaining a car you hold dear to your heart. This was the intention I had when creating this thread. As Hyundai 😜 rightfully said, you will surely cherish this experience for a long time and I'm sure you now feel more appreciative of the car and proud about the bold decision taken to import the part. With regard to the the question you've asked about the difference count of the bearing balls, I've noticed that only after you've pointed that here. And can confirm that this has not made any difference in driving dynamics of the car. As @iRage requested, it is customary to share the photos of the car and if available photos taken during the repair. So don't keep us waiting to see the gal behind the story 🙂. Finally, thank you for sharing your experience, which I'm sure will help many more EX owners in years to come. Cheers!!!
  9. Update on this, during the last service I was informed that the cylinders are leaking again. Just one year after spending 8k for this. f**k me!! However I've driven 27,000kms since the repair. Now the car is at 167,000 and this has been done at 140,000kms. As most of these kilometres were driven in city the brakes are employed exorbitantly. So I presume under regular driving conditions these would've lasted much more. Anyways, there's no repairing now. I need to replace the entire cylinders. These are expensive at the agent and even expensive to import. If any of you have a source who has these, I appreciate the heads up. Gonna run like this as the leakage is not severe. Eventually have to replace them. @Hyaenidae& @K.o.N.o.S keep a close eye on your brake cylinders as well. You Never know when they go bust again.
  10. 11 Replacing Tires The car came with four brand new 'Yokohama Advan' tires when I bought her in 2018. They've been installed at around a mileage of 100,000 Kms. The tires lasted about 50,000kms. By this time I was looking to buy a set of Good Year tires, but couldn't find them in the size (205.60.16) required for the car. This was during mid of last year. So I had to run another 10,000kms with badly worn out tires. As the car was driven in mostly city traffic, the risk was low but during rainy days I had to be extra careful. Finally found four Good Year tires in last January. Cost 18,500.00 each (Very good price). This was the state of old tires when they were removed. I do not recommend running like this as its very dangerous. While removing one front wheel, three wheel studs broke off. It was very unusual to happen but for some reason they just snapped like dried wood sticks. Luckily there was a nearby garage which had the replacement studs as well as a lathe to remove the broken half of the stud out of the lug nut.
  11. 10 Replacing front brake clip kit and calliper pins I've replaced the front brake pads last year (details here). It was done at the agents. At that time recommended to replace the calliper pins and brake clip kit as they've worn out. As it was not a priority at that time, I only got the brake pads replaced. Later when I ordered the lower arms bushes I decided the buy the brake clip kit as well so that everything could be installed at once. Brake Clip Kit - USD 13.66 @ LKR 195 Part Number MR527673 However when placing the order, I've missed to order the calliper pins. Therefore, we couldn't install the clip kit when the lower arm bushes were installed. These were installed at the agent during the last service. Calliper Pins - 2,785.40 Calliper Pin removal lathe charges - 3,500/- Now that these are installed, ride is much quieter as brake pads are properly held together. Before brake pads made noises when driven on rough roads.
  12. Mine too has that noise. Been searching for the source for a while now. Maybe it’s the same problem. I remember reading it in evolution forums sometime back also. Talking about noises, do you observe wind noise when going over 80? It comes from rear left window. It sounds like the window is not properly shut. It’s driving me nuts sometimes.
  13. Actually no, this is the first time this happened to me. Previous instances everything were delivered without any taxation except for one time. That too happened when I ordered the timing belt and the tensioner to my Lancer CS. That time the tax was a very nominal amount . So I didn’t bother to think about it when I placed the order. However I agree that I should’ve given it a thought before ordering the parts. Thank you for sharing your experience, will surely consider it next time 😊.
  14. 09 Replacing Rocker Cover Gasket When the lower arm bushes were installed, I was told that there's an oil leak from the rocker cover. So the gasket needed to be replaced. Got it done couple of days back at the agent. Rocker Cover Gasket - Rs.4,110/17 Labour Charges - Rs.1,380/-
  15. 08 Battery Replacement Though this is not a repair, I'll note this down for sake of record keeping. The old battery had been installed by the previous owner back in August 2018. Its an Amaron one. Last march car suddenly died at 'Cafe on the 5th' blocking couple of cars which were parked in front of mine. I stopped there to pick up some snacks before starting a journey to Matara after office. Car started without any issue when I took her out of the office and the restaurant is not far from where I work. For some reason, it didn't fire up. Thereafter I managed to jumpstart the car with the help of a office mate who came to rescue. Went to the Amaron local dealer at Maligawatte on the following day and they informed that there's a fault in the battery and offered a replacement after a discount. My battery warranty had two year one to one replacement warranty plus price reduction for the next 12 months after elapsing of two years. I only had few months left. All in all, they charged Rs.11,000/- odd amount for the new battery after their discount and the warranty reduction.
  16. 07 Replacing Lower Arm Bushes and Stabilizer Links This repair was done back in February 2021. Was neck deep with family commitments and work so never had time to update the thread. Keeping things short, below are the details of parts and prices. Lower Arm Bushes (Genuine) - 15.05 USD each Total 30.10 USD (@195 LKR) Part No. 4013A426 Stabiliser Bush (Genuine) - 3.72 USD each Total 7.44 USD (@195 LKR) Part No. 4056A049 Stabilizer Bar (FEBEST) - 07.95 USD each Total 15.90 USD (@195 LKR) 0523PC These were ordered from https://partsouq.com . Parts came in as two shipments. Though I was able to save plenty with regard to prices of the parts, I've got myself screwed royally with the customs. Lower arm bushes and front brake clip kit (Will provide details of this in the next post) shipment cost 69.69 USD including the shipping cost. That's just Rs.13,600/- which is not a bad price for genuine parts. But they taxed me Rs.7,800/- for these. Then the stabiliser bars came at USD 33.95 (LKR 6,600/-) and got taxed Rs.4,100/-. So the total price for these parts went up to Rs.32,100/-. I'm not gonna say anything about this, you are free to come to your own conclusion on the final outcome. Parts were fixed at my usual mechanics place. He charged me Rs.4,500/- including lathe work. New Parts Lower Arms Old Stabilizer Link New Stabilizer Link installed Stabilizer bush installed.
  17. Hi machang, that’s alright. Pastsouq had excluded this item cuz they’ve ran out of stock. However, next day I’ve received a mail from them informing that the parts are back in stock. So I reordered them. Brand - 555. Didn’t order a genuine part cuz that’s too bloody expensive. 555 is a good substitute. Rest of the parts I’ve ordered genuine. Will update the thread once they go in to the car. Cheers!!!
  18. @K.o.N.o.S need a small favour, sometime back you replaced the lower arm bushes and front stabiliser links. I'm also planning to do the same repair soon and ordered the parts from Partsouq. However just noticed that they've not included the stabiliser links to the shipment for some reason. Before placing an online order again, thought to give a try sourcing the part locally. I want to know, how did you manage to find the exact replacement? did you remove the part and took it as a sample or you just bought it just by mentioning the details. Also, do you remember which brand it was? Thanks a lot.
  19. I would recommend any beat up jap over this heap of junk. I've had the pleasure of taking a ride in a Kwid (Uber) couple of years back, even during that time the car was a complete wreck (It couldn't have been much older). Its not spacious, comfort, safe, heck doesn't even look that good (I know, personal preference). Plus, finding spares must be difficult for this as well. Since no recon parts are available, accident repairs could be costly. Hence insurance premium for these cars might be higher than of the usual. I'd prefer an Indian alto over this, as that's somewhat time tested car in that segment. Why would someone want to spend two million rupees for a car like this is actually beyond me. Doest make any sense, financially or otherwise.
  20. Glad to see you back here again. Was wondering what happened to you.
  21. What petrol does outlander require to run? 92 or 95 and who recommend to change this all without proper diagnosis of the problem. You might’ve paid a hefty price for all of this by now.
  22. How’s the sound quality of the new unit? Does it do justice to the Rockford sound system? I’m also in two minds to upgrade to an android one or not. My main concern is sound quality. Its great that you shared the part details of the steering controls as well. Did you order that from the alibaba as well? How much the harness and the part cost? I think that part is the same for Lancer EX as well.
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