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  1. Even though Uncle Ravi said most of vehicle taxes have been reduced, why dont we see any reduction? Even "Leaf" doesn't show any price reduction besides the huge reduction reflected on the paper.
  2. Did you find those parts in Panchikawatta? where? are those same with swift model or they have separate spare for chevy? I usually use swift parts for my chevy..
  3. Go for Vios 2008 or 2010. You have many options 141 ,axio 2007, and many more in that range. better than hybrids since not a daily user.
  4. SREE

    Chevrolet Cruze 2003

    I think "rack end loosen" is common to these type.You will feel the vibration with rattle, sometimes its annoying. repair before it get worse. Mine has the same prob. A*W said it will cost about one lak. but one i Known said can replace for 20K.
  5. SREE

    Tyre Prices

    HI Guys, need a help...my chevy cruze is having 165/65/15 GT champiro tyres which were in good condition.. but recently one had a bump in a side and tyre guy said replace it immediately. all have done about 40K Km now. Pls advise the price of a suitable tyre and a place colombo/Panadura Cheers!! Sree
  6. I have a soft copy....but not in Jap or English...dont know which language..
  7. SREE

    Tiida Vs Swift

    I would prefer well maintained allion 240 than a newer Belta..
  8. Please let me know one vehicle which u can't find spares in SL?
  9. He said all lawyers completed 10 years of practice....even i'm doubt abt it. thats why ask anybody knows it..
  10. Does anybody know Government is going to give permits to all Lawyers who have 10 years experience(not gv servants) ? Heard one lawyer said that..
  11. thank u the info..I will check it..
  12. Can you go for Yaris 2007 with maximum budget of 2.5 mil?
  13. HI My chevy cruze doesn't have fog lights but the place is covered by plastic cups..dont know whether the wiring is there..can I fix a fog light pair for this.. Cheers!! Sri
  14. If you dont like 141 for bad fuel consumption why do you like Nissan Tida?
  15. spot on.. if you ask them "Axel" for a chevy..they might say no..if you have a sample they would definitely match a one..
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