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  1. Replaced tie rods and brake pads on the same go, total cost was around 18k i guess, im afraid i cant give you a breakdown of the prices, but it wasnt a totally insane cost for the kit :-)
  2. Using the rack repair kit solved the leaking p.steering rack problem on my lancer cs1, got it done from a garage at 8th mile post, wijerama.i think some parts had to be lathed due to uneven ware.
  3. Link at jubilee post has clips, but havent seen this exact one, better go there with a sample(broken clip) What is the clip for btw, rear seat mount?
  4. To be on the safe side, why not do a pressure test on the radiator and make sure there is no leak as rumesh said. There is a place just before nawinna @rp*co on the same side when going towards maharagama, pretty competent people.
  5. Parted with my faithful servant :-|

    1. trinity


      oh sad scene..

  6. Drove a 2013 crz, pretty good car i must say!

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    2. Schiffer


      Even i dont like the crz for some reason.

    3. Jaliya48


      6 speed manual or lame-arse paddle shift?

    4. bogzy


      I had the same impression before driving, dont like the looks at all but drives well and for a hyb its quite good. Was a paddle shift jaliya.

  7. Didn't know that, my bad.
  8. If im not mistaken cs2 was/is not offered by united mo. So a brand new cs2 is not a possibility. The ad is of a cs3 with a 1.6 motor.
  9. Komi, do the needles have their own leds? Thats beautiful. mannn...
  10. May be change the cluster lights to blend with the halo colour? Along with a led dome light? Super fan of funky clusters :-):-)
  11. The best 3500 i spent :-) auto miraj cut n polish is highly recommended!

    1. NRX


      Pics or it didn't happen xD

    2. bogzy
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