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  1. For heavy machinery engines in marine and offshore the oil testing is a standard practice where oil samples are sent for analysis at regular intervals. Based on the results the oil change intervals are extended. Normally it costs around 40-50 USD for one sample analysis. In automobiles it is more economical to do an oil change rather than sending samples for analysis. But If you really need to do a oil analysis contact Chevron Lanka. They do provide these services.
  2. Doesnt Audi equipped with auto start/stop disable switch like in BMW?
  3. Actually the ground clearance is almost equal to my Leaf which is 160mm although in the reviews the ground clearance of the X2 is mentioned as 180mm. I think X1 is a bit higher than that. The X2 overall hight is lower than X1. It looks and handles more like a car than a SUV or a crossover. But the suspension is slightly on the stiffer side and steering is heavier than a hybrid or a EV. Regarding the maps Shimotors offered to update SL maps for 55k. But still I'm thinking whether to install screen mirroring for just 15k and use google maps from mobile phone. The maps if installed w
  4. So after searching for some time I have finally bought the X2. The vehicle is a 2018 Msport Japan import which I bought unregistered. Since the vehicle has been in the yard/ sale for nealy a year the service reminder for oil change and inspection has popped up on the display. I have not yet decided where I would take my new ride for the services so this is where I would like to get the opinion of BMW experts in the forum for advise. Personally I prefer Milroy since he has a good repo in this forum. Also Since the car is almost brand new should I register it with Prestige for the services
  5. Reviving an old thread to get some feedback from 5008/3008 users. It has been couple of years since the new gen 5008/3008 was introduced.So how are these vehicles holding up in SL conditions. Any maintenance issues? Also how is the agent's support, Last time I checked Carmart had a bad reputation. May be things have changed by now ?. How is the availability and cost of spares? I'm searching for a 3008/5008 (not decided exactly which one) and I need your valuable inputs. Thanks.
  6. All the X3s advertised are more than five years old. I'm looking for something newish. Say 2017-2018 models. Also have to mention that I have owned only japs upto now except for a Fiat which I owned for a brief period which I hated. Hence the reason for looking at relatively newer Euros. Also there are hardly any GLC200 on sale and it's price is a bit more than my budget.
  7. Exactly my thoughts. But I personnaly prefer the X2 for it's stylish design and it looks much sportier. The X1 looks too long for a car and I hate the appearance. Anyways that's my personnal opinion. So the GLA is definitely a no go.
  8. Hi everyone, I am plannning to upgrade my current ride. I have short listed following three makes out of which the X2 is my first preference. I appreciate if any BMW X2 users can comment on their first hand experience on the vehicle. Any maintenance issues, ride quality etc. BMW X2 M sport 2017/2018 - Prefered BMW 225XE PHEV - This is my 2nd preferance .Although the price is only marginally high compared to the X2 I'm not concerned about the fuel economy since the vehicle will not be used as the primary ride. Mercedes Benz GLA 180/200 (Only couple of registered vehicles a
  9. You can use the battery until the last four capacity bars (Including two red bars). So I suggest not to replace the battery now. At the moment there are only used batteries available (with state of health 75-80%) and will cost around 400,000/-. There are plans to bring down brand new batteries from the original manufacturer in japan and the nagotiations are still in progress by some people who are actively involved in the EV community in SL. So if you wait a little longer you can get the benefit from it. As for your question the 30 Kw battery is not compatible with 2013 models due to it's
  10. YES. And I support the revised fines. Having said that we must also refresh our knowlwdge on road rules as well. I'm driving for almost 17 years now and recenty I was booked for crossing the white line partially and I still don't know the exact rule regarding crossing only two wheels on single line. Perhaps if someone can suggest me from where to get the SL highway code book.
  11. rover

    Nissan Leaf

    Is it worth to buy a leaf? well it depends on how you are going to use it. for little over 3M it is worth. There is close to 30 fast chargers spread across the country if you are planing longer trips.And it's a low maintenance car. No oil changes or filter changes or services. Just occasional check up is sufficient. The biggest disadvantage is the degradation of the battery due to our hot climate. Currently there are few individuals who are doing tests in SL and the data which they have gathered so far shows that the problem is far more serious than initially thought. Since Leaf battery does
  12. Aren't all these scents bad for your health in the long term.? I mean you inhale these chemicals every day for few hours and who knows what will be the affects after many years of exposure. http://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/household-safety/tips/air-freshener-dangers.htm
  13. rover

    Nissan Leaf

    There's a mobile app called ChargeNet. According to that there are charging sockets available spread throughout the country. Even far way places like Kataragama. But the problem is the longer charging time. Unless you plug in overnight. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=chargenet%20sri%20lankan So far there aren't any induction charging available in SL.
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