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  1. thanks. will give him a call
  2. can you provide me with the contact details of the guy who did the steering rack?
  3. zareekz

    Primera P11

    The P11 comes with a CVT gearbox as well as a normal 4 speed gearbox. Careful when going for the CVT ones as they do tend to give problems if it has not been cared for properly by using the proper gearbox oil. Yes, the ones with this are similar to a VVTi
  4. Hi, Any one of you guys have the Bluebird Sylphy G10 Manual? Did a quick seach, couldnt find it. Even some links in old posts turned up empty. If you do, please do share
  5. Hi, I was wondering if a vehicle is converted from Petrol to Diesel, should the Diesel Tax be paid again for 7 continuous years?
  6. if it's a one day service, you will need letters from the 'current registered owner' stating that he sold the vehicle to you and needs to be certified by a Government official in the are of the registered owner. For a normal transfer, that's not a issue. GET IT TRANSFERRED, SAFER
  7. A 2000/ 2001 Nissan Wingroad would be the better choice. In between your budget, has space, and gets a reasonable mileage for the liter. If you can get a 2002/ 2003 model for your budget, your good to go..
  8. there is a penalty charged after the 14th day until the day it is transferred. Not sure about the duration, but i was once charged about 4k for a delay about a month...
  9. Hi, The No objection Letter from the old owner is required only if it is put for one day transfer and not for normal transfer. In the event the one day transfer is required, the letter which needs to include the signatures, name and address of both the old & new owners should be certified by a JP from the sellers area (which is registered in the book), else it is not valid. The ID copy of the old owner is also required. It's a silly thing, but i guess its to cut down on the amount of open paper vehicles which are there and more importantly, to inconvenience the people and have more into
  10. Hi, Does anyone know whether there have been any new regulations pertaining to vehicle transfers?
  11. hi, can you give me the number who brings down the parts?looking for a brake pad set
  12. The accent is not a bad car at all. as long as as the car has been well maintained, there wont be a issue, if not the frequent messes would be either the sensors will go bust, which are available to buy brand new. prices of parts are relatively high unlike japanese since few people bring it down, but overall, the car is worth the money. ive had a automatic 1.5 accent, it does about 8-10kmp/l.
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