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  1. Hi all, I'm planing to buy a Kia Picanto soon. I'm struggling to choose between Celerio and Picanto. My daily travel to work includes 80km with Kandy city traffic. So I'm looking for a good looking, Fuel efficient around 2.8 mil. Would like to know your valuable opinions on picanto's, 1. Fuel efficiency of 1000cc MPI engine. 2. Maintenance and parts availability of Kia vehicles. Thank you,
  2. Thank you all for your valuable ideas. My car has run 81,000 km so far and it shows considerable evidences for it to be genuine mileage. However I didn't buy it from the original owner though it is still registered to one owner. I was told that the CVT fluid has been changed at 40,000 km (as usually done for automatics in Sri Lanka). Usually when I buy a car I don't depend on the previous owners maintenance. So I will change it again from the agent and keep count from now on. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.
  3. Hi all, I recently bought a Toyota Corolla Axio 2007 G grade model. Since this is my first car with somewhat hi-tech I need some help. Major concerns that I have right now are. 1. Should I NOT run this on 92 octane? I know that using 95 octane is batter for engines but I really wanted to know whether 95 octane increases the fuel consumption that 92 octane in this particular Toyota 1NZR VVT-i engine. And is there any know problems when using 92 octane. It is too early for me to know the exact fuel figures because I did not drive it much yet. I'm looking forward for you guys experience on this. 2. How often should I change CVT fluid? Since this is my first cvt car I have no idea what is the specific oil and how often it should be changed. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi, I have a 1993 Toyota Corolla CE100 diesel car. On its diesel pump there is a TPS (Throttle position sensor). Wire harness of this sensor is broken and I want to fix it. As in the images below, sensor side there are 3 wires (Yellow, Blue, Black). other side harness contains 3 wires (blue/orange, Yello, Brown). In the wire harness socket 3 terminals are labled as 1,2 and 3. If any of you having the same model car, could you please tell me the wire colors in the sensor side (yellow, blue, black) for each terminal 1, 2 and 3. Or the wire colors connected by the socket in each side. Thank you, Chamilka
  5. No It did not work in the old one either. In old one when the ignition key is on before start RPM meter goes to around 1 and nothing happens after that. When I replaced with diesel RPM meter (CE101) it did not respond to key on. but goes above 6 and stuck in the other side (dial goes all the way to the other side and stuck there) immediately after start. When I fix the petrol RPM meter (AE100) again it does not respond to anything (always 0) Do you have an idea how to test the RPM sensor. I have located it in the diesel pump. two wires are there. need to find how the sensor works. and at what voltages. Thank you
  6. Hi, Thank you all for all your suggestions and ideas. Today I tried to replace the meterboard with a CE101 diesel one (my one is CE100). However just connecting the harnesses didn't work. I realized the glow plug indicator and handbrake indicator are not in the same place as my one. Then I tried a AE100 petrol meterboard and it works fine except the RPM meter. In AE100 meterboard check engine indicator works as glow plug indicator and exhaust gas temperature indicator works as diesel filter water trap indicator. Rest are as the same. Speedometer working fine now but RPM meter not working at all. Now I am not sure wheter it is a problem with the sensor. Have to check it later. So I wanted to share with you is for CE100 diesel car AE100 meterboard is working fine except the RPM meter has upto 8000 unlike 6000 in diesel model (mine is not working but it should be a different story). However CE101 meterboard does not work with CE100 but can swap only the meters and works fine ( I have tested it). Thank you all.
  7. Hi, I own a Toyota Corolla CE100 1993 SE Limited car. Both its Speedometer and RPM Meter are not working. Speed door lock is working precisely at 20kmph so auto electrician says sensor is ok (it is sensor type, no cable) problem is with the meter and meter should be replaced. All I want to know is that if I find a AE100 petrol car meterboard and fit only the Speedometer and RPM meter into my meterboard will it work. I checked and found that these two meters can be easily removed from the board and the have seperate electronic circuits. Thing is that, since it is a diesel car a glow plug indicator light is there in the meterboard which is not available in Petrol models. And it is bit difficult to find CE100 meterboard. But AE100 Petrol once are available. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, One of my friends is going to buy a Toyota Passo 2004, done 70,000km. While inspecting the car we found an oil leak underneath the engine (image attached). From my experience this should be engine oil. I want to know whether this is a known problem in Passo? is it a oil seal that couples engine and gearbox? thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, I am having a problem with my Toyota Corolla CE100 2C engine. It always starts with a one single try for 8 months now after I bought it. However after the last service in which Diesel filter was changed, it takes longer crank to start in the morning. Still it starts with one try as always. But if stopped for around 8 hours or more it needs to be cranked longer to start than usual. I recently did a service for fuel pump and injectors are brand new. But I did the service after all that and the problem started since then. Is it possible that the Diesel in the pipes are going back to the tank when it is stopped for a long time and needs more crank to come up to the fuel pump. If so where could be the problem? Thank you in advance. Chamilka
  10. Hi all, I have a question when selecting a used vehicle how to find if it has the original engine from the manufacture. If an engine has been replaced and registration certificate is updated correctly, will there be more than one engine number in the certificate? Or will it be only the current engine number? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all, I have been using petrol cars for past couple of years and planing to go for a diesel car. A Toyota corolla CE100 is my choice. I wanted to know how often a diesel 2c car should be serviced. I know this is related to the Engine oil used. Please suggest suitable engine oils and how often it should be changed. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi all, Though this thread is old I would like to refresh it because I am looking to buy a Corolla CE100. In one car I realized the same problem showing less speed and less rpm than they should be. Also in another car (LX limited - no rpm) have seen same problem in speedo. So I want to know if someone has got it fixed? In 1993 model is there a cable or a elec sensor for speedometer?
  13. Why don't you try Mazda 6. I heard they offer newer options for permits.
  14. Thank you all for valuable comments. What will be the average fuel consumption of a CE100 2C manual gear.
  15. Hi all, I am planning to buy a Toyota Corolla CE100 car and would like to know your suggestions. I know that according to the year of manufacture of this model what I would get is something done around 200,000km. What I want to know are there different types of diesel engines for this model. I have heard some term "molli engine". So is there a "NON molli engine" for the same model. I am glad if someone can post me a picture to recognize this engine. And by the way I am only interested in sedan car, not wagen. Are there 1.8 diesel engines in Sedan. And finally what will be a reasonable price for a SE Saloon with climate control AC, white light and manual gear, if I find one hopefully. Thank you in advance.
  16. Thank you very much for all your suggestions. Does anybody here know about Mitsubishi Galant diesel car?
  17. Hi all, I am currently having a Nissan B14 95' model 1300CC Auto car 300-. I have desided to go for a diesel car of around 1.4 mil. My concern is for a sedan with manual gear. Some suggest Mitsubishi cb8 and toyota corolla CE100. I am not much familier with diesel cars however I want it to give me like 14kmpl (long journey) if possible. I would appreciate it a lot if you can suggest suitable cars for me more economical, comfort but on top of all whether parts are widely available. Heard CB8 is a good car but not much sure about parts and if any known problems. Thank you
  18. I have a nissan B14 car 1995 automatic. Recently replaced the alternator with a recondition one. Now in idle speed with the AC on when I turn the steering wheel AC compressor turns off. When the steering is kept in one position (wheels turned or straight) compressor starts back. Power steering and water pump is driven by one belt and AC and Alternator by the other belt. When AC is off and steering is turned engine idles up so it may not be a pressure switch problem. I suspect whether it is the belt that drive AC and Alternator because that is the only section disassembled for the repair. Could the belt be too tight and cause this? I am very much grateful for your suggestions.
  19. In my uncle's Nissan FB 14 Super Saloon 1996 car RPM Gauge shows some strange behaviors. Before start it shows RPM as 0. But after engine starts it goes to around 5 (5000 rmp in engine idle speed) and the needle shakes on that position. When the engine is accelarated is shows little difference but still shakes. Has anyone experience this problem? Could it be a problem with the RPM Gauge or the ECU? Thanks
  20. My car does not have climate control AC so I don't have to worry about that... I will try to find one. Thank you.
  21. Thank you Nexus, So, have you fixed the problem in ECU, I mean is it possible to repair or need to replace ECU? I think if the car is diagnosed with a computer system then the problems will be recongized. Thank you very much, I will consider about this as well.
  22. One more thing about this car, when I turn the steering wheel RPM goes up and down accrodingly, which should be correct because of power steering. When power steeing pump needs more power RMP increase. So could this be a different problem than idle adjuster? I wonder you could remember the situation in your vehicle. Thanks
  23. FixZit, This is exactly what I wanted to know. I knew that there is a problem with the idle up but even the authorised service centre for toyota mentioned there is no problem, which I knew as completely wrong. Thank you very much. now I can ask them to clean the throttle body also it seems I may be able to do it my self. Thanks
  24. Dear all, Thank you for all your suggestions. But this is not about a tune up, a tune up is done recently and still the problem is there. I have another car Nissan FB14 when AC turns on can immediatly feel that engine speeds up to handle the excess load from the AC compressor (Unfortunately it does not have a rpm gauge to give exact figures). But in my Ti- Carina one, rpm goes down with the AC on and stalls sometimes when I try to balance with the clutch. I have seen in many cars that rpm meter goes up immediatly the AC is On and I think that is how it shoud be. As I feel there has to be some sensor to idle up the engine when the AC is on and in my one it might be not working. Thanks
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