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  1. Similar thing happened to me, I bought 4 KYB shocks to my 2008 Corolla 141 from Nama**tne motors. They get the shocks from T**s as well, the first set that was given to me was not fitting well and my mechanic checked and informed me to check with them again. Then they provided me with the correct part. Better to check with your mechanics in this situation. I think your mechanic should have advised you not to put them in your vehicle at all.
  2. I had a large scratch on my windscreen and had to solve that and from the polishing place got a nano coating as well, what I feel is it stays well for few months and loosen the quality quite quickly. And in the heavy rain wipers are always needed.May be the one I got was not a high quality one, anyway it's better to check them out before applying the coating.
  3. Bought all 4 shocks for Corolla 141 (2008) from Namaratne. Please find the prices from Taas & Namaratne. Namaratne gave the same unit sold by Taas at a discounted rate. Shocks were KYB Excel-G, made in Japan. Taas Front - 19685 per unit Back - 14580 per unit Namaratne Front - 13750 per unit Back - 10125 per unit
  4. This is what most of the people have mentioned in the threads. Have to check them out. Please let me know if there are any other services as such.
  5. Hi All, One of the alloy wheel in my Vitz has a small crack/hole and leaking air in a slow rate. Anyone knows a place to repair the alloy wheel using any method. The tires are ok, no punctures or anything.
  6. walkernet

    Tire Air Leak

    Hi All, One of the alloy wheel in my Vitz has a small crack/hole and leaking air in a slow rate. Anyone knows a place to repair the alloy wheel using any method. The tires are ok, no punctures or anything.
  7. Toyota Lanka are replacing the Air Bag detonator of several models that came around 2008(Corolla 141, etc), which is free of charge. Check with Toyota Lanka whether your model needs this replacement as well.

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    2. walkernet


      @vag2 not sure about the grey imports as mine was imported by Toyota Lanka, just give them a call and check with them guess they would give you the answer.

    3. walkernet


      @iRage mine was done full free of charge, took them around 1/2 hour to remove the dashboard and install it

    4. iRage


      Yes..for brand new cars bought through the agent, the agents are legally obligated to provide recall services and tech updates as instructed by the manufacturer (i.e. free).

      Grey imports are different. On one hand, cars like Allion, Passo, etc.. are not cleared by the manufacturer to be sold in the SL market via its official dealer network. Thus, certain costs may not be covered by the local dealer as the use of the car in the country is out of bounds of what the manufacturer has defined (reason why manufacturer warranty does not apply to cars like the Allion). Therefore, when it comes to recalls some charges might get applied.

  8. Anyone has idea about brand called "Lassa", the tyre shop says that it's produced in Turkey and has similar characteristics as Bridgestone tyres. They quoted Rs.14750 for 195/65/15 Lassa Impetus Revo tyre and says it will last for more than 60k KMs.
  9. I have the removed one with me. Thanks for the information.
  10. Is it possible to get a new windshield sticker. My one had to be removed as I had to replace my windshield. Does anyone knows the process for that.
  11. One of my friend also did some major repairs from VTEC motors, they did it on satisfactory level and he only had to fill the insurance forms as the garage manage all other matters. They also get the parts required, but better to check them out so you can make sure they are genuine.
  12. Went to their factory outlet in Koswatta (Nawala) and found the exact same tile. Hoping to buy that ASAP. Thanks
  13. I also would love to put stone slabs, but seems to be an expensive option
  14. Thanks for your input. I was having the same concern with terracotta. Seems that's the best option can you let me know from where you bought them. Is it from the Nawala tile showrooms.
  15. Hi All, I was thinking about re doing my garage floor and looking for a good material to choose from. I searched the forum but was not able to find any topics on this. My current options are as follows. 1. Terracotta - This is relatively cheap, and like the finishing as well. However it tends to erode a bit more than the rest and tends to absorb any oil residues. This has to be maintained carefully for long time. 2. Tiles - Have to find one with rough finish, good for long time. 3. Cement finish - Tends to be slippery and can go for rough finish but would be hard to manage with dust. If you have any thoughts on this matter would love to hear them out.
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