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  1. Get a new battery.It solves lot of issues with those allions/premios.If the original spark plugs has never been changed get new ones.Even though they claim to run for years you will definitely feel the difference of new spark plugs.
  2. cvt calibration issue.Get it done at toyotalanka
  3. vitz at 4m was felt overpriced too.I wonder who buy at 6m now a days.
  4. hmm.But after removing the dashboard it gives so much other unwanted noises if not fitted properly.They scratch it and ruin it.?
  5. Those who remove the whole dash are makabasses https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiPa6KFmknA
  6. https://www.daraz.lk/products/simoniz-jet-black-trim-restorer-500ml-i100539799-s1005990979.html?spm=a2a0e.searchlistbrand.list.10.6eb22f08qWtODJ&search=1
  7. About the random heating issue can say that the radiator water pump is corroded or not working correctly.Random heating up issue Is a common symptom of a failed water pump.About the tire lock up think no idea.
  8. The place is wisco Automotives.They give a 1 year warranty.
  9. Sounds like the A/c/radiator fan bearing has gone.Did you have a look at where the sound coming from engine bay?
  10. marina shocks were hard back then.it was a miss or win.Now i think they have improved the game.
  11. I was talking about these https://kyb-europe.com/products/shock-absorbers/kyb-klassic/ It's available at taas.Front around 11k each.
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