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  1. man this is brilliant. thank you so much. i didn't know that the milage ratio is so low. need to reassess a few things now.
  2. thanks a lot that was very informative. where was your car operating? was it running in the city?
  3. Hi guys, I am looking to put 1 or 2 vehicles for Uber or PickMe taxi service. I went the Suzuki dealer and inquired about WagonR but they said an Alto would be a better option. I would like your opinion on how an alto would hold up under the following conditions, which pretty much simulate the usage my business model would require. Monthly Usage: approximately 8200 KM (City use) Usage Period: 42 months Approx (340,000 KM) Service interval: monthly All repairs and faults will be attended to immediately. Let's also assume the drivers don't get involved in major acci
  4. Thanks. Basically If you buy a car for taxi u must target daily income at around Rs 10000. And that's actually achieved by a number of people. in order to get 10000 rs per day the vehicle has to cover approx 240 km. I'm also skeptical whether the vehicle will hold up for 300000 Km without too many issues. I'm also looking at Alto its significantly cheaper and a simpler vehicle. wonder if there are many altos around which have covered this milage.
  5. Assuming someone buys a brand new Wagon R from A*W now and use it for 3.5 years and approximately 300,000 KM (Taxi Service). How much depreciation can you expect? Lets also assume the vehicle is services regularly and everything is looked after very well.
  6. So you recommend the indian alto over Wagon R
  7. I have some extra cash lying around was thinking of putting a couple of vehicles for taxi service. Are there any ppl who have done this or doing this? what are the prospects for a decent income?
  8. the answer is Audi A1
  9. http://vishwamotors.com/
  10. I have an A1. I like it very much. I'd say the civic is probably a more comfortable vehicle with a lot more amenities. But it's about 1.5 million more. Also there is new A1 that's coming out look for 2019 A1 online u'll get a lot of info.
  11. i have similar question? whats the process for converting rhd to lhd for re-export purposes.
  12. ok. i went to vishwa. they were very professional and quite affordable. Didnt seem to cut corners. they walked me through everything they did. told me to come back in 10000 km. i'm satisfed.
  13. are they good and grnuine
  14. Guys, I'm looking for a place to service my Audi A1. Unfortunately Senok does not handle re-exports so I'm left with using an alternative place. do you guys have any recommended places?
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