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    660 Turbo
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    Showa Tuning suspension, Blow off vented to atmosphere
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    Rays TE37 wheels, Razo gear knob, Boost gauge, neo chrome exhaust tips
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    Keep it clean

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  1. Easy way out, leave the detailing to Professionals. Ive seen a lot of bodge jobs and errors by people not knowing what they are doing and ending up ruining paint and since preserving your factory paint is of utmost value dont do it if you dont have the tools and chemicals and most importantly the experience to do it right. Contact me if you want detailing done, I run The Ultimate Detail Bay in Borella.
  2. Octanehead

    Daihatsu Copen

    Just to mention there is no such thing as carbon edition, you can opt for silver trim or carbon trim on the dash, the carbon like weave on the seats come on all three interior colors (red, brown,black), and you can get a red trim on the dash only you get the red interior
  3. LOL want me to move to the blog am I right?
  4. HAHAHAH! Good one Blood horsepower levels have definitely increased, but more importantly after a proper setting up the ride quality is amaze balls compared to before on the springs and the handling characteristics are just super! The increased stiffness has even improved feel in the steering and made braking much better. I dont know if my car qualifies for Stancelyfe neither have I noticed any increased interest from women.... but that maybe because my woman is always in the passenger seat now
  5. Just realised that I havent updated this thread in many months, And that most of my pics don't seem to be showing up Anws, briefly put. I ditched the Lowering springs and installed D2 fully adjustable coil overs! <3
  6. Sorry no, no idea of selling atm
  7. Replaced my sunroof beading as well as the previous one was fouled up with compound residue and it started to pop out a bit. Looks super duper now! Managed to get some heated mirrors fitted as well. Yet to find out if they work though
  8. Did a few things over the weekend. Managed to get a 8 button OBC and got that connected up. Made a massive difference to the interior as the original analog clocked looked totally out of place. I havent connected up the check control yet as that needs more sensors and extra wiring.
  9. Not the most exciting engine bay but its clean sadly let down by a nasty Bonnet underlining. 25k for a brand new one, but I was so lucky, the guys who look after my car had a used one and insisted I take it for a price I couldn't refuse!
  10. Some where down the line the original documentation was misplaced, so was a very happy bunny when my friend found me this! Its from the UK, so exactly how it would have been
  11. Managed to find these on Ebay. and this tasty tax disc holder
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