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  1. first i am very disappointed about your situation. don't expect good home visit mechanics as first thing. Please visit good garage near by you before that please confirm whether that garage is reputed or another cheating place. Because second cheaters are the mechanics
  2. Majority of repairs are common. Toyota lanka always show errors for another two three years future, Visit know garage and check highlighted errors again.
  3. i also vote for vitz which 100% align to Sri Lanka specially in re-sell, comfort, spare parts availability and price, durability and many more
  4. best vehicle according to my knowledge is vitz , 121 or vios. all those three has good reseal value as well as good in fuel too. On other hand toyota parts available every where and less trouble also.
  5. Only satisfied answer is change gear oil manual. It mean remove sump , clean atf filter etc. if after problem exist need to replace or repair gear box, gear box repair should done from expert. you may work that bcus problem is in initial stage
  6. It's totally depend on driving style bro. if you are heavy foot and high RPMs you received less. Always try to keep rpm under 2k. Generally premio do 9-11 in city and 11-15 in high ways
  7. First thing is , we cant predict future of car market. if are a frequently runner no problem on hybrid. Otherwise stop going to hybrid because u have to cover hybrid market depreciation or battery replacement cost from fuel. (In srilanka hybrid or non hybrid market not depreciate because of funny tax system up to now) If u select hybrid best option is wagon R . if u select non hybrid go for vitz. These day vitz are moving fast quickly.
  8. try ranjith motors kurunegala and yunikon
  9. any oil consumption indicate while on service.? what about mileage
  10. Better to change Auto gear oil and do tune up as well. If problem exist there after need to check further. is your high rpm issue exist only change 1st gear changing only?
  11. this is insurance broker. Insure via broker company is additional benefits to clam process. before purchase via this check companies individually
  12. there are several options for you, Toyota Axio, Aqua , Vitz, Yaris, belta... please specify your requirment
  13. u dont need to worry gear box will select for you...
  14. those who request vehicle permits majority were doctors. i don't heard any other professional asking for permit. Doctors always try to do is upscale there life style over other professions , They always maintain monopolistic behavior in society by step down others. Permit is on of the weapon they used for diversification, This time they manage to get nearly 5 million tax exception even MBBS doctor with 5 years working. think how much tax income lost for government. Finally those all losses should paid by innocent people while paying doctor fee to same doctor,. 90 % of doctors thos
  15. i think ur car is under warranty.. Then go to warranty provider,
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