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  1. Yeah Engine Degreaser the safest
  2. Yeah, First I'm going to Petrol Spray wash to whole engine bay. Then replace the Distributor oil seal (O'ring).
  3. Sorry for late replying. I've replaced all 4 spark plugs (NGK 6 ampheres). Costs around Rs.1600 . Garage bas told me If you replace them with Iridium plugs I'll get a better petrol performance. But the case it is too much Rs.2000 (per each)
  4. This is what happened to My Nissan Presea 1995 (auto). I think it is the same situation as you now I'm waiting for autolanka guys replies before take an action.
  5. Hi guys help me,

    I Noticed in my Nissan Presea 1995 (auto) having an oil leak for few months ago. Find the pictures that shows you it starts from Distributor end and also oil on the gear box. There is little bit of oil in 2 ignition coils. Garage bas told me to replace head gasket. Before take a step I need some advices from you what can this be ?

    engine top.jpg

    distr.ibutor end leakpsd.jpg


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    2. PreseaLover


      1.8l mean 1800cc engine.

    3. shaalee


      1497 CC Engine. Pickup is so awesome :o

    4. PreseaLover


      ah ok... yep it has a higher pickup

  6. my car vibrates in idle mode (Presea auto). Can it be Ok after change my Spark Plugs (I've inspected with few people they also told me Spark plug heads are bad) ? If it is so which brand will be the best as Spark Plugs ?
  7. shaalee

    Nissan Presea

    Under heavy breaking. I know there is no Break Binding problem.
  8. shaalee

    Nissan Presea

    I got a problem when breaking there is a bad smell (not always). Can you guys help me is it a serious case or not ? Presea 1995 (auto)
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