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  1. What is the suitable Octane for Japanese 660cc Cars Like Wagon R, Spacia, Hustler, Pixis?? Octane 92 or 95???
  2. Mira ES gives Almost Same Fuel economy as similar range Suzuki Alto. I am Using a Mira ES 2016. But Interior is full of Plastics. but lots of spacious..
  3. Do you know places to non grouted dent removal and non spray scratch removal? My car got slide with a pipe. It has a small crease dent. Need your help
  4. I have Mira ES 2016. Directly imported from Japan. Fuel 14km/l in Colombo city and 26km/l from Kottawa to Matara in Expressway. Those Side airbags, steering angle monitors are not available in my modal. Comfortably is good and I driven 90-100kmph speed. handling also good.
  5. Samething applicable for Daihatsu Mira E:S and Toyota Pixis Epoch. Both are same 660cc car manufactured by Daihatsu under both Toyota and Daihatsu Trademark. In Sri Lanka there is a more than 15% price difference just for the Toyota Logo
  6. Do You Recommend me to buy a Daihatsu Mira (Toyota Pixis) As per your User Experiance?? How about Availability of Spare parts and Prices. Thanks..
  7. I mainly target on Budget, Fuel Economy, Comfort ability , Resale market and maintenance.
  8. Please explain me whether to buy a Daihatsu Mira or Maruti Suzuki Alto??
  9. Good explanation. Unfortunately I cant understand Japanese PDF. Please comment on the Cons and Pros compared to same range Japanese suzuki Alto or Suzuki Wagon R? How about spare parts and maintenance cost? Will it be advantage to buy over same range Indian or Japanese??
  10. I plan to buy a toyota Pixis (Daihatsu mira). Is it worth??
  11. Please explain about Cons and Pros of Toyota Pixis Epoch car and Daihatsu Mira EIS car..
  12. Please someone tell me what are differences between Nissan FB 15 and N16. Why N 16 has a low market value compared to FB 15 eventhough the YOM is late??
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