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  1. well if you look at the pertol to diesel conversions some time ago like 504 or Hyundai Steller (most large cars that the owners thought it was economical - now you dont see them on the road now) this too might be some thing like economical but on the long run will be a disaster and as we have motorways when these conversion hit a motorway it will be disaster. last time when i went matara there was more than 10 vehicles broken down. most unroadworthy cars goes for these conversions. we need to scrap the cars get a full insurance cover and if the car is not salvable needs to scarp it.
  2. "EV mode stops working" - EV mode comes when the car is going slowly less than 50 kilometers an on flat FLAT lands etc. there are many parameters for this. when the engine power is needed it comes on, yes when the engines comes on the RPM increases to 3000. because the engines needs to charge the Hybrid battery and the engine. This is the way most of hybrid run. How long did you have the car ?
  3. wagon r 55 has a timing chain i don't think this needs routine maintenance. because in the face book you get the wagon r club log in there there are use's who had done 200,000 and no maintenance issues. Make sure you don't wash the engines as this will lead to the adjuster issue, this is great car for 2-3 people.
  4. thanks a lot rumesh and gayanath
  5. any suggestions on the above the vehicle is a 1.5 axio 2013
  6. Hi Recently i sold one car and got an Axio 2013 i has this for 3 months and there is no issue at all. The hybrid battery has been changed and but since i have another car my usage was some what less. after the second covid round I opened the engine's and was looking in to the oil filler and then as a random measure put my hand on the oil cap and there was a blow by. my thoughts on it as to do a injector clean up, and check the PCV value. and any other suggestions the car has 108500 miles. its first get axio. let me have you thoughts on this
  7. 3 cylinder turbo are have a high wear and tear issues as well like raize/vitara. looks like the car market will change when the 225 will need the permits.
  8. I got mine from Green light solar systems(from yakkala) they are very reasonable charges and the system is still going strong. but i have net accounting system. for a 2 Kw system i paid 450,000
  9. according to the manual the kia stonic can run on 91 + but the agents and all the car sales people say put 95 even KUSH agreed
  10. check the lower arm the previous owner may have hit some thing, from the image the wheel alignment looks out?
  11. well spoke to the sales chap he said I can service from any where after the first 3 services but if i service from any where else and they will question what the Kia had done and what the other service are done so that may lead to a serious confusion. and Kia says we need to put 95 petrol ? can we put 93 or 92. most of the jap used once i have use 92 only
  12. even though the battery is 75% the voltage for all the cell be same. the above report says 6.30 and 6.40 when I checked they said the voltage should be the same according to staff***
  13. Went to see the KIa stonic the basic one was not there the full option 5.4, and looked at from the out side looks ok. But was worried about the DCT gears and Kia said it does 13 in the city ??? the other 3 cylinder Suzuki vitara does 7.5 the warranty means you must bring it to kia motors for every little thing otherwise the warranty will be null and void.
  14. there is an ad for a toyota premio the front number is NC province and the back plate is WP can this be true ??? probably the millage is fake as well and the millage is 80 for a 2014 car from japan.
  15. you can get this done at Staf*** 2 years ago I did it and the cost was 4500 GP1 was a very nice car but had the oil burn issue
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