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  1. Digging up 3 Year old thread, My high beam toggle switch does not stay on high beam when fully pulled towards me. I feel the click and release but it's not staying. My high beam toggle switch works fine for a flash pass through. What did you y'all do to resolve this issue and why did it occur? I'm sure it stayed on high beam before, dunno what happened.
  2. Hi Trinity and Ruslan, I want to replace my timing belt for my CS. Thought of importing the timing belt and tension. Is any other part needed besides these two? Would y'all recommend using partsouq or amayama for this to reduce custom charges and hassle of clearing them?
  3. Had to replace my battery since it had starting difficulties. Remembered this thread when saw the battery is a 55D23L lol. Had an exide ultra MFS65L (65ah) battery (local) in it. Took the car to the exide service center at thimbirigasyaya. They said the current battery is too big and the correct one to put is their 75D23L Exide - 60ah (Indian) battery. Only then I noticed that the battery was actually leaning on the car chassis - fortunately no damages. Also, he said that the local one doesn't withstand temperature as much as the Indian ones, hence it is more suitable for mitsus and mazda's. Don't know about the accuracy of the stuff told. Anyway, the recommended one was 3,000/= more. Googled a bit and thought about it. Finally went with the Indian one. Hoping for a long and good battery use 😄 P.s. didn't want to go for the amaron one based on crosswinds experience and the efficient batmobile service.
  4. Hi Trinity, is there a way to contact you on the forum or chat? I want some Lancer EX advise from you if you don't mind
  5. That was a very insightful piece of information iRage. Thank you very much. I will do further checks on it.
  6. Oh I see. I actually didn't think of it that way. In fact the Axela was on the top of my list due to its style and since it covered all I was looking for. I removed it coz I don't want to be saddled with costly issues. In your opinion is it possible to get a good 2004 Axela Auto? Is 2.4m the right price for a 2004 Axela and 2.6m for the 2007 Axela? I saw a 2019 post on the forum that the AC cooling is 55,000 to repair (part plus labour). Just wondering if there will be many such issues. Any idea?
  7. Hi iRage, thanks for replying. I've seen that you are an active member on the forum. ? Yes I'm very interested in the Civic. I find the lancer interior look a bit boring, but interested given its low maintenance cost. At the moment the Bluebird is on the top of the list due to nice interior, exterior, low maintenance expenses tho fuel at average 7kmpl in Colombo is said to be less than the average of 8 on the other models I've mentioned. A user of a 2004 Mazda said that he had issues and was finding it difficult to detect the issue. That discouraged me, though I love the look of it. I thought the Cerato was value for money. Saw a Cerato and it looked very nice. Drove a 2014 Rio and didn't have any complaints with the Korean ride. Yes, I was recommended to consider the Carina Ti my road and Corona. But I don't like the look of it ?
  8. Hi motorheads ?, this is my second post since I asked for advice 2 years back. I am searching for your valuable inputs to buy a car. My requirements, *Automatic transmission *Sedan *A car with low cost maintenance and less issues (don't want to spend a big amount on a frequently needed part change or big one off cost) *I am fine if I get 8 kmpl coz I'll be driving in Colombo. *A nice looking ride After reading through the forum and speaking to people I have come with the following options. *Nissan Sunny/bluebird (N16) *Honda Civic (ES3, EK8) *Corolla 121 *Yaris (1300 cc)/ Vios 2004 ish model *Kia Cerato 2011 *Hyundai Elantra 2011 *Lancer CS1 2008 ish Was advised to stay away from the 1st Gen Mazda 3/axela and Belta. Heard a few mixed reviews about the Elantra. 1. Are the models I've selected to go ahead with good or is there any other I should consider? 2. Of the ones on the list is there one or a few I should be looking for over another for maintenance cost/ value for money/ good car reasons? Thank you. ?
  9. Thanks for the feedback! Would you recommend spending an extra 6 to 8 lakhs for a stingray? Or is it better to settle for an older less efficient model from the ones above? Over a period of 5 years would i spend less than the 6 to 8 lakhs on the lesser cost ride with repairs and additional fuel cost taken into consideration. Also I prefer to not put a big amount into the vehicle now, but prefer to spend a bit more over the period I use it. Btw how is the Peugeot 406- is it trouble free and give me 10 kmpl or close?
  10. Hey Everyone!!! I'm student looking for an automatic transmission car under 2 million. I won't be driving it daily.. probably 15 days a month. I'm looking for a car that does over 10 kmpl in Colombo. No serious repairs and problems. YOM after 2000. Options I found- *Peugeot 406 *Hyundai accent *Nissan wingroad *Nissan sunny *Honda City *Kia Rio *Kia Spectra *Nissan bluebird *Alto Please recommend with pros and cons and if have any good suggestions please mention
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