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  1. Thanks @Davy , I didn't know the behavior of the signal light, gonna give this a try today when I'm heading home.
  2. Sorry for late reply and for taking this thread off the focus.. Yes, The even if I pull it all the way up, it doesn't toggle the high/low beam when released instead it acts as the headlight flasher. But once in a while, it works and after some time it stops working. Since I've been using the car for like 3+ years now, I'm pretty confident that I'm pulling the switch in the correct method. I couldn't think of any logic behind this, maybe heat or some other issue. Since this happens from a set of relays I thought it might be some issue there, but still, a not a single electrical mecha
  3. Yes, in my case, the toggle doesn't happen. Pushing the switch upwards and holding there will light up both high and low beams, and then when releasing it goes back to the low beam (instead of switching to high beam). This isn't a big concern since I don't drive outside Colombo much nowadays. But at higher speeds, it's pretty annoying.
  4. My car has a weird issue, I don't know whether this is something to do with Signal/Wiper Stalk Lubrication. When I switch to high beams, they don't get hold in (it acts as the pass-light). But it rarely works normally (holds into the high beam). I think this is a design issue in the Lancer (and many Mitsubishi vehicles). The high beam switch is not a mechanical switch like other cars (where the switch should push downwards to go for the high beam). I don't know whether this is a common issue, but we had the same in our old L300 van Edit: it's a CS3
  5. I think they need to replace the airbags unit and other replacements are the motivation factors
  6. I guess I need to get it fixed before things go beyond repair. Thanks for the advice @trinity & @Davy You guys have been always helpful !
  7. Yeah I have tried to plug a HUD device that plugs into the OBD port, but it did not pick anything except getting power from the socket...
  8. Sorry guys, it has been a busy week. Good to hear that some got it fixed... Safety is pretty important @Dushyantha: Yeah, they've replaced the passenger airbag inflator unit (the guy who took over the job told me that). I kept the car there and collected at the end of the day. There was a metallic noise coming from the engine bay when the AC was on, I mentioned that to them in the morning when I hand over the car. They were good enough to check that. According to them, it's a pulley (AC compressor) which is at end of its lifetime. The replacement from agent costs 36000 for pulley
  9. Hi, It's being a while since my last post. But this isn't about an issue with my car . Two days back, I received a call from Unit#d Mot#rs (Mitsu Agent) on an air bag inflator unit upgrade which is FREE ! I contacted @trinity (the lancer geek) but he was unaware of this. When I Googled it then it was there/ It's a recall as per Mitsu site. http://www.mitsubishicars.com/recall I think the biggest problem agents have is that they don't have a database of Lancer owners. Since a very few take vehicles there for service etc. If someone owns a Lancer 2005 - 2007 better to tal
  10. Anyone being contacted by Unit#d Mot#rs on replacing the airbag inflator unit upgrade on Lancer CS series ?? 

  11. Oh Man ! Please accept my belated birthday wishes ! Hope you had a good one !
  12. Hey Try one of these http://www.ebay.com/itm/Turbo-Sound-Fake-BlowOff-Simulator-Universal-Car-Exhaust-Muffler-Pipe-Whistle-/261516195883 http://www.ebay.com/bhp/turbo-whistler These work well if the car has automatic transmission..... Please upload a sound clip when you install these on your car !! Cheers !
  13. In my car (CS3) the default size is 195/60/15... I guess putting 205s might be tricky coz it might touch against the wheel covers on a full turn of wheels. In my case, one wheel cover had few missing clips and on a full turn sometimes the tire touched against the cover with 195 tires. Just check before you pay the price.
  14. hey PreseaLover, No matter how thin the protective film is, still it blocks a certain portion of the light emitting from the bulb. My car had one blackish color headlight protection film (done by the previous owner) on it and it looked really nice, but the visibility at night was not that good when I first took her on a night ride in a non-lighted up area. It went from bad to worse with the time. Then I noticed that the heat produced by the bulbs are making this thin film more and more dense and the amount of light trapped is getting higher. Eventually my headlamps looked darker than before.
  15. For better fuel consumption use low beams.... :) :) Only way to get rid of night time high beam morons...

    1. tiv


      I'm soo going to tell this to every halfwit driver I see

    2. Charith H Jayasinghe

      Charith H Jayasinghe

      and turn off HID 8000k fog lights too... ;-)

    3. HashanJay


      When somebody's 10 meters behind me, I don't know what they're checking on my butt with their high-beams and fogs :)

      @TIV Spread the Virus :)

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