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  1. Can you stretch your budget a bit? If so, you can add a brand new Kia Picanto and Perodua Axia to your list.
  2. Hi all, Figured I'd post my query here than open a new thread. I've seen a few Suzuki Every models..but I am stuck between deciding to buy a tiptronic gear option or the full automatic gear option. Is it true that the tiptronic gear option causes issues in the long run? Appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys. I'm employed overseas actually. Registration will be done on my fathers name. Let's see what happens.
  4. Hi guys. This is an unusual question but here goes. Has anyone had issues with the Inland Revenue after buying a vehicle (approx 3 mil) with cash? Anyone having faced inquires with regards to source of money, etc? Appreciate any insight with regards to this. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi all, Planning on purchasing a Suzuki Every, this will be my first vehicle purchase. Appreciate your advice on where to buy one from, and if I will be able to purchase brand new ones, rather than reconditioned, and if going for the reconditioned, pls suggest some things to keep an eye out for. Many thanks!
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