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  1. Thanks for the reply. I can make sure that nothing happened to the bumper
  2. Hi Davy, Thanks for valuable ideas.Nothing happened to bumper in that accident only the glass was broken by hitting with tree branch. You are correct there were horrible experiences behind my incident as well
  3. Recently I met with an accident and I had to replace rear windscreen of my Honda Fit GP4. I handed over the car to Mag C#ty and asked them to handle insurance and everything coz of my busy schedule. They have replaced a duplicate Malaysian windscreen instead of my original Honda one without informing me. And also there was no transparency of the process at all . However, after replacing to a duplicate one vibration noise coming from the rear windscreen when I drive on broken roads. Mag C#ty guys are not accepting this and they are arguing that noise coming from somewhere else. But I pret
  4. Hi experts I am new to this forum. Can someone tell me which transmission fluid should use for Honda Fit GP4? Is it CVTF or HMMF? Please explain. Thanks in advance
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