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  1. Hi Experts, Sorry to bring old threads back to life, but any idea on the current market value for a manual 141? Asking because there doesn't seem to be many for sale to baseline against.
  2. I would love to, but low risk appetite at the moment, if things go horribly wrong (repairs, fuel economy and resale value) I'll be in a bad spot. ?
  3. Thanks matroska, heart says go for the Mark X or the civic (Mark X mostly ?) but will stick to the 141 for now and get it checked at the Nugegoda place. ? Thanks again guys for all the advice.
  4. Thanks Shintaro, so hopefully 12km/l ish won't be wishful thinking then with the highway bit ? P.s. any recommendations on a place to get the car checked?
  5. Thank you alpha. Resale value and fuel economy are high priority, so will most likely buy a 141 as advised and hopefully upgrade to a Mark X or something similar in a couple of years On the same note, checked a white 141 for 3.2m and the salesman quoted 10.8km/l. However AL threads seem to suggest it's under 10. Can you please shed some light on this? Note that I will be doing ~70% of my daily commute on the expressway, so if possible share the fuel consumption rate for expressways as well?
  6. Hi Guys, I'm planning on buying my first car and the choices I've narrowed down are 1. Cefiro 230 2. Cefiro 250 3. Bluebird G11 4. Mark X (bit over budget) 5. Premio 240 6. Corolla 141 7. Civic FD1 and FD4 Having combed through the threads, I could not find much details on the newer cefiro version although the a33 had been discussed thoroughly. What I'm concerned about is whether the newer version will have the same problems as the notorious a33? In general, given the above choices what would you experts choose? Also if possible user experie
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