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  1. Hey ! I'm a student planning to buy my first car. My budget is 1.2mn and the only requirement is it to be minimum hassle as possible. I'll be driving about 250km per month. I found Tata indica 2013-15 to be within my budget. Is it advisable to buy this in 2020? Other options I found were maruti 800- 2011/12 and micro panda(prices vary largely) I searched the forum and found no updated information on the indica. Please help
  2. Given the popularity and roughly falling in the same price range it seems appropriate to have a comparison of the two. Do give your ideas.
  3. Altos seem to be bit higher, what's ur take on tata indica 2006-2007ish?
  4. Wow.... thank u very much. That's really helpful. Imma gonna look for k11s and ep82s. Thanks man
  5. Though jap one was a better choice few years ago I think itight be too old with potential problems. Maybe go for the indian alto considering that its widely available parts and being not that hard to sell. U can always go for a newer one. But try to avoid those that were rented to taxi companies. Plus there are some cars that were barely used and washed and kept home. You'll be able to find one of those.
  6. Well like i said those 2 and out of them vitz would better in 2nd hand value, fuel and even in design. Its god a-b car. But if u r looking for an suv consider a registered rush/ terios? I know a friend of mine who's about about to sell his and the drive and the quality is quite good.
  7. What are your concerns? Have you considered vitz/ passo?
  8. It was revised recently right? Tax to be calculated according to the brand and not the engine capacity.
  9. Guys, I know there is a lot of threads related to this. But uptodate knowledge from an expert would be very much appreciated. I'm a student trying to buy my first car with my savings and a small loan. My budget is strictly below 1.2 mn. I'll be driving about 6km a day on weekdays and about 15km in the weekend. I'm looking for an easy to maintain car( dont really have much time to be at a garage for another 2-3 years) Looks do matter but not a complainer and an auto would be nice but not a must. Thank u in advance.
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