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  1. Another question,Is it rather cheaper to import an NSX from the UK or Japan? Most NSX’s I’ve seen in Japan are accident repaired NSX’s,Have no service records or have ridiculously high mileages.Meanwhile in the UK,there are examples for the same price or a bit higher with service records,no accident history and have between 60,000-140,000KM’s and some being newer examples like 1996 and 1997.I hope to be hearing a reply soon -Thanks
  2. I would like to know that when bringing down an NSX will it be charged 9000 per CC as it has a 2977 engine? I researched about it but needed to confirm it. -Thanks
  3. Thinking about that,you are actually right.Automatic or not the car still will be fun in it’s own unique way.So,I might as well buy a good condition Automatic and enjoy the car.I’m not planning on selling it but I want to make sure it will have a long life span.
  4. The Pedals and Gear bezel aren’t that hard to find because they are still available for the NSX-R brand new which will be suitable for a base grade NSX as well
  5. According to my research a conversion will cost between 2-3 million if I am right? Seeing that the transmission itself costs about 900,000-1.1 million
  6. So I said on a previous thread that I can only afford an automatic Transmission NSX and I really want it to be a Manual Transmission,so I decided to convert an Automatic to a Manual.Is it possible to do the conversion in Japan an import it and another question is will this affect the Taxes that I’m charged if I do the conversion in Japan rather than doing it after importing the car to Sri Lanka? -Thanks
  7. Yes I have spoken to the customs.But I’m waiting to speak to the CCCSL till vehicle Importation is allowed again,or at least till the travel restrictions are lifted.
  8. I see.I’m sorry if I was starting to get annoying.That’s all I needed to know.I really appreciate you helping people like us out😁
  9. Is it actually doable to import a first generation NSX to Sri Lanka when the import ban is lifted because I doubt that the first generation Honda NSX isn’t old enough
  10. So If i’d be importing a first generation Honda NSX (1991-1994) Is it possible to bring one with a Classic Car permit if it’s not been owned by me abroad?
  11. The price used to be 9.5 million rupees but after LKR value went slightly up recently it’s 8.9-9.3 million.So the total CIF will be like 9.5-9.9 million.Also is it an issue that the vehicle has high mileage because the ones I saw for 8.9-9.3 have like 100,000-140,000kms in the odometer ?
  12. Unfortunately you can’t find a manual transmission NSX for 9.5 million in Japan.But you can find a Automatic Transmission for 9.5 million or less.Considering that my Budget is below 50 Million the only option I’m left is the Automatic
  13. So if the CIF value of the Honda NSX is 9.5 million.That means 100% luxury tax added.Meaning another 9.5 Million is added if I’m right?
  14. Thanks for the info,can you also acknowledge on how Luxury tax works?
  15. Do we have to own the car overseas or can we purchase a car from someone else and import it? And can you tell me what are the requirements to get the permit? I’m collecting info before I import it after the vehicle ban is lifted
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