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  1. Dear Friends, During these times, just thinking to do an Engine tune-up or fuel system clean up for my GP1 by myself self .it is now 80K and never cleaned. well, I got a "WURTH" injector cleaning can with me and just to know how easy / Difficult is this task. As far as I know, accessing the injectors are really a hard job as it needs to remove intake manifold assembly and Throttle body one by one . Yes throttle body will not be touched and it will be done finally. (coz i do not have console) apart from this , is it risky? I have done This clean up for my earlier models - EK3, Swift(beetle).
  2. sira

    GP1 AC issue

    Thank you all of you
  3. sira

    GP1 AC issue

    Can they identify small leak?
  4. sira

    GP1 AC issue

    Hi How to get this checked? I met 2 chaps on this and they said first replace the Evaparator first and try ,
  5. sira

    GP1 AC issue

    Dear Friends I had AC issue for 1 year time. it is having a small gas leak and every 45 days I had to top up ac gas. so finally agents repaired it and replaced the O rings but still, the problem exists. so I think since it is a small leak they cannot rectify it. do you know how to rectify that kind of issue? or it is ok to topup gas every 45 days till the has leak become worst? sira
  6. sira

    GP1 AC issue

    This still exists, The gas needs to top up around 30 days time. so looking for the help
  7. Dear Friends Does anyone realize that GP1 driver side windows can open after your turn of the car? this feature did not work once you open the door and close. Just to know how this feature helps sira
  8. sira

    GP1 AC issue

    Thank you very much for your update. Will you share your electronic man's number then i will get my one check too. Pls pm
  9. Hi I own EK3 manual and my friend had same like mine and it was 98 Crystal lights model. however, someone has messed with the engine and throttle body and he ended up with swapping engine and throttle body. it fixed all the issue. the cost went around 80k if the throttle body IAC valve is messed. it will be worst case and it is really hard to make it correct position . because once you cleaned and fix the throttle body the ECU will learn the positions and it will balance the RPM. try this , when the engine is hot (after long trip) and when you see it is very slow , check remov
  10. My GP1 (2011) AC was repaired by Stafford on a same day they changed the Air bags.they have done a service and replaced 8 "O"rings ( i was not there actually ,I admit to garage and collect it in afternoon) . charged me 13K. it was OK for 2 weeks and today suddenly AC stopped working in a middle of the hot day. before that, car was at the car park with the AC running around 10-15 min. then when i start the journey, with in 2, 3 min time I realized this issue. I checked the AC fans and compressor Click sound , nothing. I let the car to cool down for 30 min and tried. AC start working agai
  11. Dear Friends. I'm having an issue with my GP1(2011) AC system. a few months back I got gas re-filled due to a small leak on firewall panel socket and that time the technician changed O ring which is a smaller one as he couldn't find the correct O ring that time. It stays around 2 months and now again gas getting leaked. so I refilled last week too. I think now it is time to do a full service. I checked with few places and they said there will be a leak on Evaporator coil and it needs to be replaced. Do they remove condenser and compressor and check any leaks on this type o
  12. I got it changed with around 12k for labor and oil. it is called CVT f
  13. well , Stafford recommend it too.
  14. Hi Guys Is HMMF 100% compatible with CVT f? 4 L HMMF oil cost now12k now and Honda agents are selling 1 L CVT f with 2.5 K.
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