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  1. Last time I used them it was like 2000 now its 6000 or they are taking Glory ppl for a ride? 😇
  2. Yhh from time to time. PM me and I'll add you, I'm pretty sure I have few videos there 😇
  3. I had to replace front suspension around 75K and had a crack in the engine head around around 100K and gearbox failed at 110K the agents quoted around 2.2 mil to replace it. This is when I finally gave up on it since it was simply too expensive to maintain. Even though it had so many repairs after 75K it never broke down in the middle of the road or anything like that. It was a tough capable car which never let me down for almost 10 years.
  4. As much as I love my disco it got extramly expensive to maintain once it reach 100,000km plus I have my rover if I need to offroad.
  5. Thats a good one too I think the price is around 20 to 30 right?
  6. The only SUV that I know that can fit full size adults in the 3rd row is the Glory 580 but that would cost you 60+
  7. no dude its more like;
  8. That sums it up except that the one I have is a SWB, btw if you dont know me I guess you have spent so much time backtracking my posts? dont tell me you did that all the way up to 2006 lolz 😁 Yep! do you find it awkward ? haha..... btw when I say off road it should be more like cross country unless if I change the tyres, these things come with 100% road tires probably chineses ones. I should be getting it in few days
  9. yhh that one I sold for around 50 mil and the buyer sold for around 58 within few weeks 🙂 btw do you know me or smthing?? 😇
  10. no machang I sold the disco bought a CLA for my wife now I have the CLA and the A/B. I used the disco for almost 10 years and it was like my day to day car. It was a very basic model with without leather seats etc I was able to do basically anything on that (including off roading) without being much worried about car getting messed up. But that changed with the A/B and the CLA they were too luxury to do all the things I did with the disco I also had to keep an eye on the milage, so this is where the 580 fits in 🙂 . I'm mainly planning to use the 580 long distance travel with the family and may
  11. Actually I have placed the order few months back after test driving the faulty CVT3 and it was a still good choice as it was a great SUV for the price. Btw from the comments that you make it shows that you dont have know much about this car or any 1st hand experience with it. What made you hate this car so much?
  12. Dude I'm not going to to switch my Autobiography to a 580 🙄 As you know its 4 seater and I have sold my disco and our family was missing a 7 seater. With the imports ban with all SUV prices going up I think the 580 is a great investment for the time being. Im planning to use it as a 3rd car mainly for long distance travel and sell it once they are about to lift the import ban.
  13. I got a chance to test drive the new version with the CVT5 gearbox at the Unit#d Mot#rs Ratmalana and it was superb. Both me and my wife drived and it felt really great for the price. The interior of the lux version was really good and it was the same thing that they export to Europe.
  14. Very informative what's the link to this group / discussion?
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