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  1. Could you please elaborate what is great about this vehicle? In my opinion Pajero MK2 (even a MK1) which was imported by UNIMO will easily out perform this piece of crap in all aspects. 1. More reliable. 2. Safety 3. Economical. 4. Cheap to buy. 5. A real SUV which can do actual off-roading. 6. Ease of maintenance.
  2. One of my favorite vehicles. Try to find one with an EFI engine. Most of the brand new imports came with a carburetor. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a good mechanic who can properly tune a carburetor, and you might face difficulties in passing the emission test.
  3. I feel really sorry for the people who bought this piece of crap. The government of SL should also be partly responsible for this by allowing all the crap to be imported. We still have a motor traffic act where most of the laws were drafted dung the colonial era. However, many countries have introduced stringent standards for both safety and quality aspects of the vehicle. Finally, from my experience, I never trust so-called reputed agents in Sri Lanka. There are plenty of examples of importing cheap crap through their subsidiaries and marketing them in SL by using their reputation.
  4. If the engine is in good condition, use an oil with VW 505 000 standard. If the engine is in bad shape and requires a repair use whatever the oil that the previous owner used and after repairs or replacement stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  5. For your car, you have to use an oil with VW 505 000 standard, which will be a high end fully synthetic. Castrol EDGE 5W-30 meets this requirement. Else, liquid moly 5W-40 Molygen was previously available in the market but from what I heard agents (Semini Mortos) has an issue with their imports license. In my opinion, rather than going for an expensive oil first check with your service records and what type of oils previous owners have used on it. If the engine is in good condition, I would highly recommend you to stick to manufactures requirements. Because in the long run, it will be ec
  6. Lalana was a founding member Vishwa motors and he was trained at Carmart. For your requirements Sunway automotive will be a good option.
  7. Yes it is Ni motors and Sanjeewa is a mechanic. Just do a FB search you will be able to get details.
  8. There are no legally hornets in the market. So if you are to register a one it should be through illegal means.
  9. Replace your water pump as well. Earlier senok had an offer for the water pump where they repurchase the used pump and send it company for refurbishment .Else, Ni motors in panchikawatte will have the genuine part and Sanjeewa is good for the installation.
  10. 92 will be perfectly ok. But considering the quality of fuel we get in SL 95 octane will at least contain 92.
  11. Try searching for a used one. When installing a used rack it is important to perform proper learning sequence through a capable scanner.
  12. One of the most overpriced and under performing bikes available in the market.
  13. You can find the answer to your problem if you analyze the airline industry. Do wonder why airlines are disposing 20 year old aircrafts which are maintained to the book.
  14. It depends on your driving style. However, it should do around 9 to 11 in traffic conditions.
  15. Your car doesn't have have ABS. It is only equipped with Air bags.
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