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  1. Contact Mr Maduranga on 0752011613. He might be able to help you. If you are looking for a new carb P*one*r Mo*ors had several genuine Hitachi carbs for sale but it will be damn expensive. Else, Malaysian and Korean carb is also available.
  2. This is a common carburetor came for most of the nissan A series engines. You can find his carb from dismantled B210,B211 and B310 nissan sunny cars. Before replacing try to get it repaired by a competent mechanic who is familiar with these carbs. If you are close by to Horana I can give you details of a mechanic who is good with these Hitachi carbs. PS. These days I am restoring a 1979 Datsun B310 which came with the same carb. However, or local makabasses have removed all the vacuum lines and even the electronic choke and slow jet but still it is idling perfectly.
  3. Yes of course you can purchase from international e commerce sites. But these days our customs people have gone crazy and they are stopping each and every parcel that is coming into Sri Lanka. Be careful when purchasing cheap chinese carburetors (even available in Sri Lanka) most of the time they don't perform as expected. Try refurbishing your carb using a genuine repair kit.
  4. Separate tie rods are available but they are not genuine. It will be a low quality Malaysian after market product. It is a good idea to get your car inspected by the agents
  5. This is a common fault on Viva. There is no point trying to repair it. Used Daihatsu racks from Japan are freely available in the market and they offer a slightly better ride quality over the original rack from Malayasia. Initially, get your car inspected buy a mechanic who is experienced with Vivas. Because replacing the tie rods will be a waste of money if your steering rack is failing. Also, Perodua doesn't offer tie rods as separate parts, they offer steering rack and tie rods as one part.
  6. Now brembo has an econoline manufactured for OEM specification, This product is even available in most developed markets. It is offered by the local agent for brembo. So we do not have to worry about the authenticity the product. However, from this product we cant expect sports car level performance but it will definitely perform similar to the genuine break pads.
  7. I think brembo is available for your vehicle. Which is a OEM brand and also it is reasonably priced.
  8. Hi, Is it auto or a manual? If it is auto change the oil with a DEX III ATF. Also you must change the brake oil with DOT3 specs. Brake oil could be changed when you are replacing the brake pads. In case of power steering oil it is not compulsory to change it. Check the colour of the fluid in the reservoir tank. If it is red and not discoloured you don't have to change it. Also, you must flush the coolant in your radiator at this millage. Importantly, Since your car has reached 100K kms immediately replace the timing belt along with the pulleys and the tensioner.
  9. I am using a Diesel 5N2 for the last 8 years. A solid reliable vehicle. Parts are freely available and reasonably priced.
  10. Great car. Even the latest Japanese counterparts still struggling keep up with the specs of this car. If you're from Colombo spares are freely available. Nowadays days the only problem is finding a good specimen. Most of the cars that I have seen recently are ruined by cheap owners. Diesel HDi is the most economical variant to run. When petrols are considered the ideal engine option would be the 2.0 one. It is advisable to stay away from the automatic transmission cars.
  11. Just ignore it. Usually it will start working after 2 or 3 kilometres. This is a common fault in this model.
  12. Go for a Diesel. Reliable than a petrol and very economical. The only downside in a diesel is the specimens you find in Sri Lanka are the basic one because of the permit restrictions.
  13. The hilarious part is these Glory owners are now spending Rs.6000 to CarChecks for post-delivery inspection on a brand new vehicle.
  14. Could you please let us know what are the problems you encountered with your Disco after reaching 100K millage?
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