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  1. good ol italian tuneup helps
  2. Nope, I've seen these cars run up to 250k+ with proper maintenance. Find one that has been serviced correctly and on time.
  3. In my opinion, unless you know your engine is worn out (Running on low compression), just keep using the same oil weight. I have a car with almost 220,000km and I still use the factory oil weight with zero issues. Also I don't think using mileage is a good method of judging engine health.
  4. Thanks for the reply! hope to hear an update soon!
  5. It's a 1987 Volkswagen Caravelle C. He's had it since before I was born and even used to drop me at pre-school/school in it so it's got a lot of sentimental value hence the export attempt.
  6. Sorry to bring up an old thread but has anyone done this successfully before? I'm interested in exporting my dads (62-) van to Australia as he is planning to move there permanently. As per the rules in AU he can import a personal vehicle (He's had it under his name for longer than 25 years) so I'm curious as to what the legal requirements are in SL.
  7. Check if you get blue smoke from the exhaust when the engine is hot. ( Indicates high engine wear ) Check if you get blue smoke from the exhaust during a cold start ( Indicates your valve guide seals are bust ) A little bit of oil spraying out from the dipstick while the engine is running is fine. Since your emissions report is also good and the car seems to be pulling well, I wouldn't say this is a problem. To figure out if your engine is burning oil, Measure your oil level then drive about 1000km and check oil level again. If it has reduced then you know there is a problem. Once your engine is at running temp check if you can smell burning oil from the exhaust. Also you can't exactly tell engine condition via this method. This method would work if the engine is really worn out and had massive blow by. If you really want to know, run a compression test on all four cylinders. Please note that I am not an expert?. This is just from my personal experience.
  8. As cars age so their components. Rubber fuels lines can easily crack overtime and leak. Quite an unfortunate incident!
  9. D.c auto-mart near pepiliyana are quite good!
  10. Was about to recommend this place. They did a proper job on an aluminum sump repair for me.
  11. Synthetic oil can usually handle 10,000km fine however in my opinion if you drive your car constantly in traffic or similar conditions then lower the interval to 5000km.
  12. That's impressive! Last time I checked my fuel economy I cried?
  13. Ha I'd change it every 50k. Euro or not.
  14. Can't remember the cost exactly as this was a while back but you do have to provide a blank key for them to program.
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