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  1. Wow thanks guys, so my suspicions were correct about the kero. The idea of soap n' water sounds good since we already have a pressure washer handy. I cleaned and oiled the chain yesterday, but took it to a nearby garage and got them to spray kero on and then once it was clean, lubed it (Got a can of Repsol Lube from Panchi for 800/- for a approx 100ml or 150ml can). Gear changing became so much more smoother, never expected such a major difference simply by oiling the chain.
  2. Hi Guys, I recently bought a CBR-250 Fireblade. I'm quite new to biking and this is the 2nd bike I have owned, and the 1st bike which requires proper TLC (my previous bike was a Pulsar). So need a few tips from you guys. I have read on many CBR forums that the chains need to be cleaned with kerosene and oiled/ lubed regularly. In our Sri Lankan conditions how often should i clean/ oil the chain. Though I am concerned that the kerosene could harm the O-Rings, the previous owner, and a few mechanics i spoke to said it is ok to use this. After cleaning the chain, what is the best Chain Lube t
  3. There are few people I know who drive and are also blind in one eye. So i guess it is allowed.
  4. Talking of breakers, there is a guy in kottawa who runs a yard of classic ford recondition parts, PM me for details, went there few times he has quite a few hard to find parts with him.
  5. Yeah your correct, I am a soundbuff I guess, n' yes most times I find myself feeling like most systems don't match upto my system. But then I'm very critical about sound n' picture quality. I used to sumtimes use the TV sound wen I had the Pioneer, which had very gud speakers...but the sound from the new TV's are intollerable. The sound from my HTiB is pretty ok. But since my TV room is big somehow doesnt seem powerful enuf. Correct about the guys at Yamaha, they are really helpful. They are the ones who put me onto the B.A. speakers. 1st Had my heart set on the Yamaha NS, or the JBL ES or
  6. Machan, do you use your theater alot?, as in even for watching TV? I used a relative's system for a while (Onkyo / Tannoy) and found out they are very power hungry, electricity bill increased drastically. I currently have a Sony "Home Theatre in a box" system (Power Consumption 120w), which I use for watching TV also, but wanna upgrade to a Yamaha / Boston Accoustics system. But don't wanna increase my electricity bill too much. I was thinking of the Yamaha 671 or 673, n' Some Boston Accoustics cubes n' Towers. Really wanna upgrade my sound system, but wanna be able to use it in peace also.
  7. According to the reviews, seems that Sony HX853 series is currently the best LED's available, closely followed by Samsung, but LG's are getting mixed reviews. Also seems Toshiba is good.
  8. Thanks for sharing that link GTAm, that was really informative. I personally go by the global reviews when buying any electronic product (eg: Cnet.com, HomeCinemaChoice.com, WhatHifi.com n' for Phones "GSM Arena" and Stuff.tv for any electronic gadget) Been doing this since randomly read a review off HCC, prior to purchasing my first HDTV in 2005 (Pioneer PDP-435XDE), it was only later I found out that Pioneer picture quality was legendary (I did not know a thing about flat screens at the time.) Had to unfortunately go for a lower-end Sony LCD (KLV-40BX400 @ 120K) in 2011, when my Pioneer s
  9. hey Devinda..... hehe ya back aft ages alright..... yes it is the Indian one....nt sure about the charges tho......seen a few places advertising that they have Dish TV units for sale....so i guess they are legal checked it up online tho...n' their channel line up isn't that impressive tho....check it out... http://www.dishtv.in/ not sure if this is the line up they offer here also.....(in comparison to DTV and LBN) also came across another company called SAT Lanka, now their channel line up is quite impressive....and they even offer HD channels.... @ xXx....nice one...yup sounds typica
  10. I have been using DTV since the days of CBN on which i had the full package, then without any prior warning DTV went and introduced a Premium Package on top of that, Having no other better choice I subscribed to the Premium Package few months back, and then these Clowns at DTV Go add these two channels on top of that. Having spoken to the customer service and even the head of DTV CS, I happen to know could not get a solution as this was aparently a policy decision. I was also told it would be the same story if they add channels in the future. We would have to pay for each individual seperat
  11. i hate sl cops....99% of the time all they evr do is mess things up n' keep bribe hunting..... blady idiots copped me yesterday.....for 74 on da a9....when da road was virtually empty....n' dey cheekily...aggreed to let me go for a 550/- fake 'fine'(bribe) cos dey ddnt even giv me a ticket..... here's an idea..fit a backfirin exhaust to our cars...n' giv them sum flames....evrytime one stands behinds us......hehe... evidence of our cops dumbness: i got copped on da way returnin after installin ma beat barrel.......n' da cop thought ma old silencer which i had jus taken off, had fallen off
  12. gr8 price dude for those specs....jus dat da HDD is a bit small....nt a prob for a lap...tho cause u can always get an external HDD.....Gr8 Buy....
  13. shit dude....this is hott, n' 2 think ma dad had one of these as his first car....remember riding in this it as a 3yr old....damn didnt hav a clue this was so special....WOOW....
  14. NICE WORK MADZ. ela new forum, jus checked it out, maxxa, maara posh ah hehe....seriously dude, nice work........
  15. Happy B'l8ted B'day KLM, sorry for da delay dude....hope u had a gr8 day..
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