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  1. another movie to keep an eye http://www.carthrottle.com/post/if-the-biopic-rumours-are-true-robert-de-niro-playing-enzo-ferrari-is-an-awesome-casting-choice/
  2. Ahh thats great news supra,when can we see the season trailer Its hard to belive that BBC will say "sayonara" to millions of pounds,they will come up with some thing.But it seem s that JM and RH are refusing to come back with out JC....
  3. the new season of fith gear seems kickass....btw has chris harris has joined the show
  4. dreamracer

    Break Disc

    Guys, my mother's car is producing a high pitch sound while braking...i think its time to replace the brake pads.can u pls recommend me a good brand with a descent price tag and trustworthy in its task.
  5. I think with this current issue ,the battle against the 918,la ferrari and the P1 will never happen BBC must BBC (Bring Back Clarkson)
  6. i will keep an eye on this movie GROUP B https://vimeo.com/121269783
  7. Retro Car Sales Brochures.... http://www.carthrottle.com/post/21-retro-car-sales-brochures-that-you-need-to-see/
  8. My father uses a smart cab, all four tires are pumped with N gas, and he told me that there is no much difference in handling and fuel consumption as mentioned above If you are driving hard(track days) then N will come in handy…because N is highly thermally stable, ** Atmospheric air contains 78% nitrogen, so after pumping normal air in to the tires the majority of air particles in the tire will be Nitrogen,I don't think pumping pure nitrogen will have a significant effect in daily driving.
  9. recently watched best movies Gone Girl https://yts.re/movie/gone-girl-2014 Schindler's List https://yts.re/movie/schindlers-list-1993
  10. not only the lambo...i have seen him driving his merc convertible (E200 i guess) and his hummer around negombo..
  11. so true watchman,i ignore what this person is telling on the show,but the other guys know what they are speaking ..... SL need more car programs like "MOTORQUE"
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