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  1. What are the key aspects of a petrol engine(Toyota 1.5 everyday car) TUNE UP that we should look for? Also, can anyone recommend a garage (except Agent) for a Engine tune up around Nugegoda /Colombo.
  2. Hello every one, I am just wondering how to recognize a true G grade and a Normal Grade of TOYOTA AXIO HYBRID 2015,2016,2017,2018 I have heard that many sellers/Importers bring down the Normal Grade Axios and convert them to higher grade (mostly G grade) . ( Of cause you always can compare the options but this can be very easily modified) Heard this is common for Premio and Allions too. a.) Can we recognize by the chassis number series or any other number? Thank you!
  3. Why FD4 (1.6 VTech) allays comes with a factory fitted Car Stereo (unchangeable ) Dash Board. How would I install a Double Din Set up to this FD4 ? *** I dnt own a FD4 but planing to have one. This is only my worry. All FD4s I ve seen are with boring car stereo.
  4. My existing breakpad's number is JB NF92FF.its a EK3 96 1.5Ltr Auto. I need to find a good quality pad from local market. What would be the part number? Can anyone recommend any good brands?
  5. Hello Every one! 96' EK3 ML (Normal Auto gear) Mine doesn't like to start when the engine is HOT. Cold start is perfect. when the engine is hot it doesn't start. I have to wait till it cold down. I serviced the starter motor then it was okay for couple of weeks now it is back. Not too sure if it is Starter motor or something else. Can anyone please advise me. Thanks.
  6. Can you help me with finding a right Size Wheel ? Mine is EK3 Normal Auto gear (1996 ML). I got it with 13" (175/70) Chinese alloy wheel set. I am just wondering, - what is the original wheel size/ company recommended size ? - what changes I should expect in fuel consumption if i used 14" or 15" ? - Between 14 and 15 which makes the better look ? - If I use 15 can i keep the same comfort (profile) ? Thanks
  7. May I also know where I can buy this ECT Sensor from? (Other than Stafford Motors ) I rang TECK motors ,I v been asked remove it and bring.. Is there a model number or any sort of number(temperature) that I need to match.??
  8. I think am experiencing the same issue. Morning start never fails but after drive and try to start ONLY some times it takes a while to start. leaving the car for few minutes will do the trick. Could it be ECT sensor ? CIVIC Ferio - EK3 (ML)- Normal Auto - 1997
  9. hello every one... HONDA : people say Stafford Motors sell Original and other places (eg: Teck) does Genuine.. TOYOTA : people say Toyota Lanka only has the Original and other places (MM Organisation) has Genuine. Any body know wht they on about...
  10. Dude did you manage to replace your radiator ? how much was the radiator and where did you find it?

  11. Does any one recommend SUPER REF high level road arnd Delkanda area..? it seems to me its a shop sells spare parts additionally they do repairs Only on Sundays.. their prices are attractive. but I know nothing abouth them. I have a Honda Civic EK3.. original condenser/evaporator.. etc. there was a leak (my AC technician said its not the evaporator (cooler), its two O-rings at the end of and replaced.) ran 2 months and Gas escaped again.. I really dnt have much to spend (thats why am still keeping original -Small AC condenser) Am In Pannipitiya if you know any trusted reasonable plac
  12. @Watchmanthanks fella but i found following way s better site:forum.autolanka.comWHAT EVA U WANT or simply add add-on on ur browser for chrome : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/search-the-current-site/jliolpcnkmolaaecncdfeofombdekjcp?hl=en
  13. guys i have da same issue with EK3.need condenser replacing. can know any good mechanic around maharagama (with 20km I dnt mind) ..
  14. Guys my experience with Waruna is NOT GOOD... True he seems have a good knowledge but seems dodgy.. Waruna replaced my T belt and other belts, engine tune up.. He has tighten the T-belt too much. An annoying noice Came from the engine I ran like this for 8 months.. 1st e said its oil pump.. Then he said its the engine has worn out.. Ther we some oil leakes from Tapered cover... Asked me to REPLACE the engine.. Could u believe ! I went to another place he loosen up the T-belt and no more noice after that..
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