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  1. Damn. Nice. I dint see that. I read somewhere X1 is recommended for older cars. But had no evidence. That LADA approval confirms it. Mine is anyway a 12 year old petrol Honda. I used X2 so far but everytime I purchase oils this question comes up. ? Thanks for clearing it up! ?
  2. Any Oil experts? Can't find anything on the net or product catalogs. What's the diffference?
  3. Hi, Anyone know where to buy 'Akebono' brake pads? Who's the agent here in SL? Looking for Akebono ACT465A
  4. If you are keeping a car for more than 5 years your best bet is a proven reliable model from Toyota or Honda. (Which you have already narrowed down) Never by a Hybrid as if you happen to replace the Hybrid battery after 4-5 years, you will lose all the money saved from fuel. Never by the car with newest technology like DCT, small engines Turbos or cars with complex electronic assist systems as most of them are not tested in SL conditions. They will fail and repairs will make deep holes in your pocket. So a non-Hybrid Toyota, a Premio (from your choices) will hold value and will be dead reliable. Since it's a Toyota you will have to forego comfort and driving pleasure. Toyota CVTs are boring and uncomfortable. But will hold value and will never let you down in the long term! Good luck!
  5. God damn! I think this WagonR are is a mysterious car. An engineering marvel! From the replies of the car owners seems city fuel consumption varies from 12 kmpl to 19 kmpl And outstation from 16 kmpl to 29.8 kmpl ? Hahahahahaha ජපනා did some මාවලස් engineering this time! ???
  6. It can withstand heat and function. But the issue is long term reliability. Li-Ion batteries arch enemy is 'HEAT'. So after one + years of parking in hot sun, the battery degrades and gets swollen messing up an otherwise completely perfect product. Capacitive Dash Cams are highly durable when compared to Li-ion battery based products.
  7. another idiot! ? අම්මපා පව් බන් මුන්!
  8. seems they use different types of compressors. 121 uses a standard mechanical(electromagnetic) clutch type compressor where as Allion Premio uses a clutchless(swash plate ) compressor (CVC). So an Allion or Premio is not designed to work with a standard clutch type compressor which has more vibration and comparatively more load on the system.
  9. Turn off the AC and try. Then you can rule out the AC compressor. Then check engine mounts and Idle Control Valve, MAP sensor and EGR Valve.
  10. Only reason to buy an Audi A3 over Premio is brilliantly explained here. Apart from this A3 is not a proper Audi by any standards, it's just a cheap euro car designed to overcome tight EU emission standards and aimed to capture the market of Jap cars. But it doesn't offer the Toyota reliability or the fuel economy! You won't get the performance nor the comfort of a proper Audi, but of course you can brag about how you can afford an Audi in front of non-car people! You won't be accepted by the euro car community as a proper Audi owner nor will be accepted by the Jap car community as a reliable economy car owner! ? So chose wisely!
  11. Exactly! These Hybrids do something close to 15+ kmpl even when driven like maniacs. I was never able to understand what more these guys are expecting to achieve by hogging the right lane at 40 kmph. ?
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