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  1. usually COOP never approve full claim povided by assessor before doing the repair. In my case, after doing the repair and providing the bill, they cut off about 20% further! Never again COOP.
  2. According to statistics,there are enough vehicles imported for 5 years. These bastards are trying to create panic by increasing prices.Dont fall into that trap. As Vitz mentioned, there are too many importers in Sri Lanka and all are crooks. Hope this business will go bankrupt.
  3. Diesel version goes about 5-6 million. Engine, gearbox rock solid if properly maintained. May need to check suspension, interior..
  4. Thanks guys, is it Same location or two offices?
  5. Good news for Volvo fans who like the comfy big cars from late 90s https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/volvo-electrifies-its-full-product-portfolio
  6. A form requesting to confirm that the duplicate certificate is authentic, and that the original has been lost..
  7. yes, all numbers, email not working. Hope someone in the Finance sector or someone passing by their office can shed some light.
  8. Good day, The People's bank asked a Relative who went to claim compensation, to get some additional forms signed by ET! office, because the certificate is Duplicate. The branch in Matara seems closed already. The contact information on internet not working. https://www.cbsl.gov.lk/en/news/suspension-of-business-of-eti-finance-ltd-and-swarnamahal-financial-services-plc Anyone knows where ET! Finance ltd head/southern province offices located and if they are still operating? Any idea who else can help , heard of some Depositors' association, but can't find their contact information anywhere....
  9. What about the weight of the passengers? It varies a lot if their bowels have been cleaned before the trip or not, at least 10kg/person I assume ??
  10. ジャストロー can be read as justo-Low or justo-Row, I think it comes from english word just-throw. Just throw in whatever sh!t you have easily.
  11. Looks like Defender competitor won a legal battle https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/jaguar-land-rover-loses-court-battle-over-defender-trademark
  12. unless you have access to insider information, you will never win against the crooks and players at CSE who are waiting to grab all your hard earned money!
  13. Spot on, can't help feeling hopeless when people recommend premios, priass and axios to euro car drivers (although they might be sensible considering our country specific factors like spare parts, mechanics etc ?)
  14. They are a different league aren't they? Not exactly the downsized engines with direct injection operating above 300bar that you get in the CHR etc, where the stress on the components must be higher.
  15. Well it's not easy to officially bring any vehicle to SL just like the grey importers. Country specific compatibility studies are required by the manufacturer to confirm that the new technologies will function properly in SL conditions while fulfilling other legal and safety requirements. Our market is very small and I doubt if the manufacturer is willing to bother.
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