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  1. Thank you all for responses. Will the agent be able to good job here ? Or any recommendations I can look for ?
  2. Hi, In my car I noticed rust in back door hinges. Back door ( dickey door ) recently replaced. What can I do to fix this ?
  3. Recently i have been researching about supplemental transmission cooler for my car. Does any one from forum fix these ? if so from where and what is your thoughts on this ?
  4. Thanks for the information. Any place you can recommend for a modern car ?
  5. Does anyone do car ac service regularly ( once a year ) ? I could not find any facts in forum regarding this. However quick internet search suggest to do a AC service once year. I was wondering does any one do this ( from where ) or is this considered waste of money ?
  6. Fortunately license came recently from registered post . Delayed due to covid-19, and officers were telling the truth. Just posting here if anyone faced similar situation, you can get the license from registered post without visiting to police station. As always best option would be not to speed.
  7. Hi All, Pardon me if this question not relevant to forum. I was stopped by police in remote area ( more than 150km from Colombo ) for offense then officers gave me fine. It was a Sunday therefore they suggested to pay it later and send the receipt via post then they will send me my driving license. I did that, i.e paid the fine, sent the receipt with stamped envelop with return address. After few days a police officer called me and said they have received the it and will send the license. But I did not got the license even after 2 weeks. When i called the police they said they have alread
  8. I did not go to mechanic. It was not any leak. It was overfill. After few days it was ok.
  9. Thanks for the recommendations. Should i go to mechanic or wait and see if it sort out ? I have long trip in coming days with family and don't want any problems in road.
  10. After using my car battery for quite long, i added distilled water yesterday. Today morning I saw the plastic case which the battery holds is wet. There's no lot of liquid, but under the battery was wet. Should I be worried ? Did I overfill the battery ?
  11. Thank you. Also not directly related to this, but did you changed coolant ( fully replaced ) in your car in 6 years time. Online research suggest best to change on 80k -100k or 2 year time.
  12. I have Honda GP5 (75000km) and all service done by Sterling. They have used Havoline 0-20w fully synthetic oil changed by 5000km. From this forum i have learned fully synthetic oil can run 10,000km and asked them about why they recommend 5000km for fully synthetic oil. Their answer was if i use Mobil ( which cost double compared Havoline ) i can run 10,000km but for Havoline it's 5000km. Is there any truth to this ? Also i would like to know what's agent recommended oil and oil change interval ( i never gone to agent ) . Also since daily running on heavy traffic route ( 45min to go 12km normal
  13. My car subject to frequent bird dropping and washing the car in that frequent not possible due to busy schedule and no proper place to wash at home. Therefore i was looking a product to remove such stuff which are harmful to paint in local market. Does any on this forum can recommend such a product with their experience ?
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