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    Build the J24 into a dedicated offroad rig

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  1. A concerned citizen reminds you to stay focused on road
  2. Too big to become the next Alto and too ugly to become the next Kwid(Not that kwid is a pretty car) This will be the next Datsun Redi-Go, attacking a price segment way above. all hype and die out unloved in the Id*al Motors lot. BTW, this has a center front seat, like a van or the new defender so a six-seater it is.
  3. Nice, finally we are talking ? Lancer box, 5FWD, It's a good old lancer in the purest form. Even practical and economical for a 30+ year old car, lots of examples in the market to choose from. Ratnapura is the place to look. If you'd like some crazy(literally) handling and pure mechanical driving pleasure, get a Volkswagen Beetle. With that rear mounted engine and vague steering, every corner is an adventure. It's practically a poor mans air-cooled Porsche.
  4. Will they halt production of the Glorious DFSK 580 too? I hope the Chinese government keep building that car a top priority.
  5. I hope it's the car, otherwise a month would be too long For the Aqua, toyota will get rid of the 1NZ block altogether, So the new aqua will most probably get the 1.8L 2ZR-FXE. Current aquas on the road will be worth their weight in 'beige leather' in srilankan market. I can almost hear the buy and sell folk say "oka 1.8, wadak naha thel bonawa ne"
  6. Found this limited edition Land Rover 109 hand built by Massey Ferguson. Wonder why the owner is selling this rare gem.
  7. I know right?☺️
  8. Funnily enough, this same fella who posted this on FB group promoted this 580 right here on this forum. Though he had a very fitting username for this specific content. Not laughing at anyone's misfortune or misjudgment, but a good lesson is to do your research before the jump.
  9. That's the only logical choice right now, You gotta follow the great seer of futures ?
  10. Now we are discussing old diesel SUVs in a philosophical standpoint, Nice?
  11. Well, if you are thinking the resale value, Consider the MG ZS 2019 was sold brand new for 5.35mil, now there are ones advertised with around 10k on the odometer for 4.4mil. That's a textbook example for depreciation. In five years, my guess is you'd be lucky to get back 3.5mil. Along with all the electronic gimmicks inside, The MG ZS doesn't feel like a terribly solid car to make trouble free 5 years in Srilankan roads. Kia Stonic has both GDI engine and DCT gearbox, both technologies did not fare well with Srilankan fuel and traffic conditions. True that the agent provides a 5 year warranty but as someone said, a time bomb is a time bomb, even you get 5 year warranty for recharging the bomb. Cannot predict the market behavior of the Raize since it's too early. For all we know, It can be either the next 121 or the next 141. People will either start worshiping or avoid it like the plague. Remember the resale value is purely based on public perception. No matter what automotive enthusiasts say, they are always the minority. Among the classifieds and the quick ad sites, you'll always fetch a premium for a well known brand.
  12. DCT & GDI ?? Well folks, We have found the ultimate Srilankan Super Cruiser ??
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