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  1. there is 4 models as far i know dx, vx, gx and premium gx dx definitely for cargo so you talking about vx and above?
  2. thanks for your reply but spending 3.8 mil to 4.1 mill on vitz or Suzuki rst not worth in my idea so that's the reason desided for nv 200
  3. good day! i decided to buy nissan nv200 van for my family and my business. please someone give me a some information about comfort, spare and about value, it can import 4.8 mil low mileage 2014.
  4. Under toyota mark dont buy those shit?! U must care abt ur hard earn money so try Vitz 2015-6-7 Baleno 2016-7 G11 Demio or 3 Dont buy hacked thing on expensive tag Even you pay more brand name in SL
  5. Demio 141 Good car compare to overpriced cars this days.
  6. Hi good day all, Is nv200 comfortable for family use?
  7. Irage, thank for your kindly explain. So please let me know common problem in swift car and spare parices, also most i use it in weekend. Also please suggest me good car on that price range.
  8. Hi good day! I decided go for nissan tiida or swift japan . Tried all over foum but I couldn't find enough detail abt tiida. so please i need ur valuable experience and advise for finding good one for my family . * also i want to know the day I going to buy it ,can i get someone hire who has good knowledge about automobile. May b from colombo or Kurunegala. bcz doesn't know much abt how to find trouble free car. Models - tiida or swift (2007-8) Budget - 2.5- 2.8 mil Highly appreciated your suggestion. Thank you expert ???
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