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  1. My one is cvt/vtec, so the fuel consumption is abt 10kml in hevy traffic (every morning rajagiriya to boralla).in normal trafic its very capable of doing 11kml.outstation normaly does 15/ highways 17kml if u maintain the speed to rpm ratio as 90kmh/2000rpm. Non cvts probably can achive10-11kmh in traffic but out station / highways should be 2 ,3 figures below than cvt's.
  2. Hi guys! My budget is max 4.8m.requirement is a suv.which one would be the better option. Rexton 2008 Kia sorento 2011 (petrol) Kia sportage 2011. Box prado. Concerns are, Reliability, Fuel consumption , Maintenance cost, Availability of spares. Thanks..
  3. Es8 a far better car than tiida. I bought a es8 in 2013, the milage was 135k now the milage is 182. Done only break pads change and smal oil leak repair except routing maintainance (servicing/ cvt oil change).its a very reliable buddy.
  4. Thanks for all replys
  5. Hi, I have a plan to buy a nissan sylphy g11. I kno nothing about this vehicle. Need to kno about , fuel economy , reliability, availability of spairs ,cost of spairs and all other pros and cons related to the vehicle.please share your experiences. Thanks .
  6. It's a very reliable suv.spairs are expensive if you buy those through the agents.its a same water tight rule for toyotas , bmw's ...etc as well.but now there are many places to buy genuine parts.use genuine parts for hondas, otherwise it may cause some issue.u'll never get 10km/l in city driving.its 8-9kml for 2wd &7-8kmls dor awd. But ull get 12-13ml on long run and 13+ on highways .comfy vehicle and 2nd hand parts also widely avail in delkanda.
  7. If you prefer to drive manual there are many pre facelift manuals for a low price. Normally around 2.4M.but if you prefer only a facelift manual one will be very difficult to find.however if your concerns about fuel milage, v-tec cvt's definitely does more than manuals.but sadly there aren't any facelift vtec cvt's.
  8. Not worth bro, cuz its a non v-tec/maual one.if it is an automatic one 2.8 is the price.if u can afford 2.8 U better try for an automatic one. ull probably can negotiate around 2.8
  9. Maximum 2.6m for a very good condirion car.otherwise its worthless.. ull probably get 9in city traffic and 14 out of the town
  10. Toyota vitz, honda fit ge6, honda civic es, honda fit aria, toyota vios.
  11. No, gp1.i cannot afford to buy a gp5.
  12. Hi, i post a thread Previously to get some ideas from u people, as i planned to buy a gp1 or fd3 previously. after thinking deeply my options again narrowed to gp1(used) and vitz facelift(unregistered ) My budget is max 4M. My major expectations are, 1. Fuel economy 2.comfort 3.reselling market 4.space(rear legspace/boot). Share your experiance to find a better solution . Cheers !!!
  13. thanks for the info Ramiskd, I'd probably go with a fd3 if i find a carefully maintained one.
  14. According to discussions fuel figures are ok for me.all three within my pocket. What 's the most reliable fd3,gp1 or insight.l like fd3's. if i can find a good one i might use it for years.. but if it is not reliable there an issue.I came across previously all fd3 threads.But still have no idea about the battery issue.if i can get a one with newly installed battery, can i use it 4,5 years without any issues?
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